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Postnatal Care Brand Fourth Phase Launches Its Lactation Box

Bintou Diarra, A.B Candidate | Medical Anthropology, Brown University | December 3, 2022

While nursing is natural, it is certainly not intuitive. There exists a wide range of potential issues—from delayed or insufficient milk production, to flat or inverted nipples. These complications can be particularly distressing for parents that are new to nursing. 

Black women-led postnatal care brand Fourth Phase launched its first-ever lactation box—the Mylk Box—to introduce an air of ease during this critical period of the postpartum journey. It contains four essential products to assist birthing people in what founders Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and Marcia Cole call the Fourth Trimester.

The Fourth Trimester, or the 12-week period after childbirth, is one of the most vulnerable times for birthing people. With this in mind, Fourth Phase creates afterbirth gift boxes to empower people in their physical and emotional recovery. Their care is not limited to the boxes themselves; Fourth Phase centers the health of new parents at every stage of their manufacturing process. Their products are not only organic, but they’re also phthalates-free, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced.

The Mylk Box is among Fourth Phase’s latest gifts to nursing parents. Within each box, you can find four products that promote comfort and wellness during the nursing period. Their MylkBlend, a tea made with Fenugreek leaves, promotes lactation and relaxation. In addition to the Mylkblend, the box contains their Flaxpack, a lavender and flaxseed hot and cold compress; a Rose Quartz GuaSha stone for breast massages and the release of milk engorgement; and CocoNip, a coconut oil-based salve to heal dry, cracked nipples.

As a social impact maternal wellness brand, Fourth Phase emphasizes the importance of pouring into mothers across the globe. Each Fourth Phase Mylk Box purchase enables founders to donate similar products to houseless and underserved mothers in the United States and sub-Saharan Africa through their charitable partners.

Read more about the Mylk Box here.

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