Corporate Consulting

We envision a world where the unique needs of women particularly hopeful expectants, pregnant and new mothers are wholly considered in the workplace.

We believe that companies who support their talent, provide opportunities for enrichment and space and for the growth of families- actually thrive. We also believe that brands can do better at creating and marketing products to reach moms and moms-to-be.


Our consulting offering allows us to serve as a liaison to corporations and their working population, sparking critical thinking, engagement at the executive level, and program and systems implementation designed to serve women.


We work with brands in the mother and baby space from the ideation stage of a product or service through the development and marketing. Whether you are looking to develop a maternal wellness curriculum, support groups and counseling, launch a new product or overhaul your office design to become more maternally friendly, we’ve got you.


Our premiere executive coaching support is sought after by global organizations. We have touched the lives of thousands of women who want to experience a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life. We offer this service in-person and virtually for pregnant and non-pregnant women to explore healing, personal growth, and living to their fullest potential.

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