Yoga Packages

Our yoga practice supports your health and well being pre-conception, throughout pregnancy and into new motherhood.

We want every mama prepared mentally, emotionally physically for the demands of childbirth. Each session focuses on meditation, mindful movement, aromatherapy and ends in deep relaxation. Our in class experience is 75 minutes and private sessions in studio or in your home start at 60 minutes.

Fertility Yoga

Our fertility yoga program has the dual purpose of maximizing blood flow to the pelvic region and maximizing relaxation and easing anxiety. Many of our fertility clients are carrying extra stress and tension in their bodies. This program focuses on mindfulness techniques and self-care practices and integrates elements of sound healing and aromatherapy.

Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga program is designed to support your changing prenatal body and meet the demands of labor and new motherhood. We focus on alignment to strengthen the body and protect your mobile joints and work on flexibility while relaxing your mind. We integrate the use of sound and scent to create an experience that helps the expectant mother drop deeper into her body.

Postnatal Yoga

Our postnatal yoga program is all about reintegration. Birth transforms our bodies and our postnatal work helps strengthen the body from within. The class is a safe and nurturing sequence of postures and exercises that require no previous yoga experience.

Private/Corporate Yoga

Conducted in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office, each session will focus on proper alignment, individual goals of the client, stress management techniques, breathing, and include hands-on adjustments and an minute aromatherapy massage. 60 or 75 minute sessions.

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