Spirit, Self-Care + Ritual Packages

The integration of ritual and sacred space serves as a pathway for spiritual growth.

Radical self-care is learning to mother yourself first and Mama Glow supports the development of ritual practices that provide a sense of renewal. We employ a spectrum of healing modalities whether in the safety of a private or group environment clients can deepen their spiritual exploration.

Sound Alchemy

Much like an instrument, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical harmony. Sound can instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and attune your nervous system, enhance muscle tone and bring organs into balance.

Women's Circles

We gather together in circles in support of each other to expand our consciousness and compassion. Join us for a deeply nurturing, regenrative and spacious circle themed around various topics supporting the feminine.

New Mother's Group

To really assist the transition into new motherhood you need community. Our peer support group supports moms who are adjusting to the demands of new motherhood.

Womb Attunement

With this unique technique we encourage the body enter a state of deep relaxation. In these sessions we explore body awareness, tension and healing.

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