Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in promoting a product to your community via the Mamazine, newsletter or via social media. How do I go about that?

If you have a product or service you’d like featured on Mama Glow in any capacity, you can contact us at and we can share our sponsored content rates and criteria for features with you.

I am looking to hire a doula that has been trained through your doula immersion program, how do I find one in my area?

We can match you with one of our Certified Doulas or Doula Trainees, simply visit our Doula Page or CLICK HERE to fill out the inquiry form and from there we explore potential doula matches for you.

I am curious about becoming a doula, do you offer a training program?

Yes, we offer a robust immersion program for doulas. You do not need to have prior experience in the field of birth to participate in the training program. Our immersions take place in our Brooklyn space, Miami, Paris, LA and other cities coming soon. Visit our doula page or Gatherings to learn more about the program offerings.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Doula Immersion?

Our Level 1 program is designed to educate and initiate new and experienced birth workers into service of expectant and new mothers. The program covers pregnancy through birth. The immersion weekend is a 3 day intensive course and there is coursework that carries doula trainees through a year of independent study along with community events, mentorship support etc. Our Level 2 program covers complicated birth and dives into the postpartum period. So Mama Glow Doulas who have taken both Level 1 and Level 2 programs are qualified to work with birth and postpartum clients in any city, state or country.

I’m a doula previously trained at a different program, do you offer mentorship support?

Currently our support extends to our network of Mama Glow Doulas only. We do however host gatherings and professional trainings that doulas and other birth professionals outside of our immediate community can attend. Please visit our GATHERINGS page to stay connected.

I have a medical question or concern and reached out for advice hoping to get your opinion.

If you have reached out to us via email or social media with a medical concern please note that we refrain from answering any questions or providing medical advice. Our work is non-clinical in nature and medical advice is outside of our scope of service. We will always recommend differing medical or clinical concerns to a licensed medical professional.

I want to be a part of the Mama Glow Movement. Do you offer programing or services for women that aren’t pregnant?

Yes! Our women’s center, CIRCLE by Mama Glow serves women from menarche through menopause. We offer classes, workshops and gatherings for women at various life stages. You don’t have to be pregnant or a new mother to be a part of the Mama Glow Movement.

I represent a product or service and I am interested in partnering on an event, how do you work with brands?

We love partnering on launches and amplifiying work that supports our community. We partner with organizations, brands and people whose work is in alignment with ours. We partner with those whose work we are already familiar with or have previously experienced first hand. If you’re new to Mama Glow, please consider renting our space for an event.

I love Circle By Mama Glow and would love to host my next event there, how do I rent space?

We offer stellar event space as well as rental space for practitioners at our Brooklyn location. Common uses are for photo shoots, film shoots, women’s groups, meditation or yoga classes, book signings, blessing ways. Please email us at to inquire about hosting your next event.