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Embracing Deep Nourishment with Agni: A Fertility Journey

Bintou Diarra, A.B Candidate | Medical Anthropology, Brown University | December 1, 2022

The relationship between healing and nutrition is well-documented. The significance of this dynamic is at the core of Agni’s work. Aligning with modern conceptions of the gut microbiome, Agni means “digestive fire” in Sanskrit—a term used to describe our gradual ‘becoming’ of food as we break it down and absorb it. Pulling from shared findings of ancient knowledge and modern science, Agni elucidates the often-confusing findings about nutrition and healing and uses their knowledge to create foods that are both indulgent and replenishing.

Working with a designated Medical Advisory Board, Agni sources organic, non-GMO ingredients to create seasonings, teas, and cookies in their support of people at various stages of their reproductive journeys. 

The healing quality of Agni’s foods has been of great significance to Mama Glow doula Shandrea Gilchrist, who recently embraced change on her fertility journey.

Whereas the head goal was becoming pregnant after recovery from a devastating miscarriage before, Shandrea, 36, is now centering the maintenance of fertility on her reproductive journey. “I am 36, and I know there’s gonna come a time where I need to freeze my eggs. Until that is done, I’m trying to do everything I can to make sure I stay fertile.”

Shandrea has been enjoying the Nourishment Pack, not only because of its contribution to her physical wellness, but also because of the symbolism that often serves as a useful reminder as she centers emotional healing in her reproductive journey. “Whenever I receive it, it’s like a blessing and a reminder: take time for yourself. Take time to nourish your body. Take time to nourish your mind.” 

Undoubtedly, the healing nature of Agni’s products goes beyond their nutritious foods. The labeling speaks to Shandrea as well. “With the chocolate chip cookies, it’s like, ‘take one when you need it, but take two when you really need it’, or something to that effect.”

New research points to the potential of seed cycling to boost fertility, and the Cinnamon Maca Seasoning, which Shandrea uses every day, is a staple in her personal journey. She receives her products in a subscription pack, which eases the process of self-care. 

When asked how her relationship with healing and nourishment changed in the past year, Shandrea noted her heightened sense of mindfulness when it came to what she puts in her body. “I would share recipes and have conversations with friends that were really into herbs. Like if we were feeling a certain way, we needed to take certain herbs. Or if we were experiencing stress, or stomach pain.” Ultimately, her reproductive journey is increasing her awareness of the curative potential of food.

And in this reproductive journey, Agni’s restorative products serve as a reminder that her planning for the future does not have to come at the cost of care in the present. “I am building for my future, but also making sure that I am balanced.” 

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