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Founder Highlight: How Evereden Founder Kimberley Ho is Changing the Face of Skincare

bintou Diarra, A.B | Medical Anthropology, Brown University | October 30, 2023

During her travels to Asia, Kimberley ‘Kim’ Ho was often met by family members eagerly begging her to bring them natural and organic baby skincare products from the United States.

As a former investor within the skincare space, she knew the ins and outs of the manufacturing processes underlying serums, oils, and the like. She was intimately familiar with the brands on the market and their formulas. And so, it wasn’t long before Kim realized that the formulas found in the United States’ baby products were not as safe as she and her family members had initially thought. She discovered that many of the United States’ safe-proclaimed ‘clean’ family skincare brands were anything but and often caused skin irritation. At the same time, Kim learned of the various skin changes accompanying pregnancy and sought to fill a gap by honing in on the entire journey.

Kim, in her own words, “stayed true to her obsessive self” and set out to create the cleanest, safest, most stringent formulas for families. Evereden is a product of this endeavor, which sits at the intersection of good-for-you ingredients and cutting edge science. “My story with Evereden began from a personal passion to deliver the highest quality skin care for the healthiest possible outcomes,” says Kim. “We live by two universal truths. Everything that touches your family’s skin has the potential to create a lasting impact on its health, and there is no such thing as being too safe or thoughtful when it comes to getting skincare right. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest standard in safety, quality, and care of our products.”

Evereden products are elegantly packaged.

For Evereden, going above and beyond looks like reimagining conceptions of product quality and safety. The United States’ Food and Drug Administration specifically prohibits the use of 11 ingredients in cosmetics, while the EU bans 1,400 ingredients shown to be unsafe for skin. For Kim and her team, this is far below the baseline. They go further, refusing to use over 2,200 questionable ingredients. “We source the highest quality botanicals and work with the most exacting suppliers. We only use food grade preservatives, and many of our products are certified to the highest standards in the natural and organic industry.” 

This requires vetting and confirmation, which Evereden skillfully weaves into their process. They rely on their Moms in Medicine™, a group of 3 board-certified dermatologists who are also mothers, and their decades of combined experience to guide their ingredient selection and product development. The leaders’ dual identities are incredibly crucial, as they ensure that all of the products are ones they would recommend for not only their patients, but also their own children.

In addition to their manufacturing process, Evereden is unique in its focus. Various skin conditions can affect children and toddlers at any time, which, in turn, impacts their caregivers. Evereden crafts products that accommodate all of the changes that set the stage for skin conditions to impact children, with a unique focus on parental benefit.

“For every age and stage, we craft skincare that’s as true as the stories that shape us. We adhere to restrictive clean ingredient standards, validate our efficacy with thorough consumer testing, and undergo extensive quality assessment to ensure that every product meets the highest benchmarks of safety, purity, and performance for all skin. Even our products that are catered to babies and kids are perfect for their caretakers, too.”

Not only are their products formulated with the needs of the whole family in mind, but they are also created with the understanding that for optimal skincare, longitudinal care and maintenance is of utmost importance. “When children struggle with skin conditions such as sensitive skin, dryness, and eczema, their families can rely on us to provide relief and support their skin needs. Additionally, our products work hard to strengthen and protect the skin barrier to prevent skin sensitivity and inflammation.”

As a brand that intends to reach caregivers, mothers, and birthing people, Evereden is aware of the value of working within existing systems and structures of support. 

“The process of birth and parenthood is incredibly personal, and birthing people rely heavily on the advice of experts to guide them through the process,” says Kim. Evereden has a unique solution that heightens the brand’s accessibility. “We recently established our Birth Workers Ambassador Program for this reason, because we think the best way to reach birthing people and parents is through the experts they trust most!  Our birth workers are amazing people who become experts on our products and speak directly to our customers.”

Working alongside existing structures of support also looks like partnering with and recommending products from other like-minded brands. As for future work with partners working alongside Evereden to ease the lives of new parents, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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