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Black-Owned Boutique “Milk and Honey Babies” Opens in Hudson Yards

Shannon Walsh | November 1, 2018

Designing a nursery? Shopping for your dream stroller? Are you in the market for eco-friendly baby gear? Then look no further than Milk & Honey Babies, a modern one-stop shop that recently opened in Hudson Yards. The store offers a highly curated selection of innovative and stylish eco-friendly baby gear, newborn essentials, and furniture for expectant and new parents.

Owner Ariana Horry says she was inspired to open the store after struggling to find eco-conscious products for her children, Maya and Avery. “I was tired of the chemicals companies were using that weren’t good for my little ones. As a mom I truly care about every product we recommend from your little one’s crib mattress to their diaper cream.”

But this stores is Eco-chic! Nestled inside the lavish, newly constructed Hudson Yards, Milk and Honey is easy to navigate and very inviting. It’s the type of boutique  where parents enjoy to shopping with their babies in tow. Services include nursery curation and personal shopping.

“I take great pride in the design aesthetic of the store and when you pair it with Hudson Yard’s immaculate and innovative architecture; I’d say any parent would love shopping here!”

She adds that products sold by Milk & Honey are easy to access, and the store is set up in a way that allows mothers to test out different products. “I think it’s important to test lotions and be able to smell our bath products. All of our items are laid out for parents to enjoy before purchasing them.”

Located on the second level of Hudson Yards, Milk & Honey Babies’ also features a nursing room, so moms can feel at ease and have a comfortable space to breastfeed. Horry says, “[Moms] know they are being provided with a clean and beautiful, private space so that they can nurse without sitting on a park bench or toilet for that matter. I respect the time and effort that goes into breastfeeding and no mom should feel like they are tied to their home.”

All of Milk & Honey’s products are either handmade or manufactured following fair trade guide guidelines, and are 100% organic and natural. Some of the store’s products come from Europe and are not mass-produced. “I like offering parents something that not every other baby is going to have or be wearing when you walk down the street or get dressed up for special occasions.”

Whether you are shopping for a baby shower, birthday or simply for everyday needs, to check out Milk & Honey Babies.

Learn more, visit Milk and Honey Babies

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