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Lorena Garcia on the 4th Trimester + The Magic of MAJKA

| October 8, 2018

Her name is Lorena Garcia and she was born and raised in Mexico City. An entrepreneur at heart, Lorena began her career in real estate decided to shift gears and follow her true passion and lean into entrepreneurship.

In 2016 after the birth of her son, Lorena quickly discovered a void in the wellness space that catered to new mothers. As a new mom herself, Lorena experienced her own challenges physically and mentally during the postpartum period. Coming from a culture that revolves around community and family, Lorena was taught that taking care of the new mother is a priority.  

Lorena Garcia, co-founder of BLOGUETTES + MAJKA

“After having my son, my parents placed a high emphasis on spending time with me, and helping me understand that trying to be a super woman was not the way to go.”

Her father was the one who constantly reminded her that prioritizing her self-care and her health was the best thing she could do for her son. He would say, “the most important thing for Diego is for him to have a happy and healthy mom and everything else will fall into place.” Lorena’s father was right, things really did fall into place.

So many women are taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Along with her partner Sakura Considine, Lorena launched a one-stop-shop digital marketing studio and workshop called Bloguettes. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Bloguettes specializes in providing hands- on training tools to creative entrepreneurs with a larger mission to inspire other women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. On a daily basis Lorena works on the digital marketing side of business development to help women develop amazing business ideas. “At the time when we launched Bloguettes, we were seeing that a lot of people understood the value of having an online presence but very few understood how to stand out,” says Lorena, who wanted to help creatives and entrepreneurs understand how powerful and important brand and digital strategy could be for their business.

Lorena at work.

And as if that wasn’t enough, as a new breastfeeding mother, Lorena felt compelled to put her branding chops to work to solve a personal problem. Along with co-Founder Majo Mansour, she launched MAJKA, tasty and beautifully branded goods to support women in the 4th trimester. MAJKA is a line of wholesome plant-based, nutritious snacks that enhance lactation and offer key health benefits for new mothers, available online and in select retailers across the USA.

“When I had my son I had no idea what breastfeeding was going to be like! There was so much information about pregnancy, but very little information on the 4th trimester. I remember how lost and scared I felt when my doctor said she would see me in six weeks. I panicked and thought 6 weeks?!” That 6 week period seemed like an eternity for Lorena who admits that breastfeeding did not come as easily for her as the pictures she saw all over social media of new mothers nursing their babies. With pain and issues with boosting supply, Lorena realized she needed breastfeeding support and didn’t find what she desired in the market. This posed a new  opportunity where she could use her branding and marketing expertise to create something nutrient dense that would  help boost her milk supply. MAJKA was born!

MAJKA powder and lactation nibbles

“At MAJKA we want to be part of our customers motherhood journey we want to empower them to take care of themselves first so they can better take take care of the people they love.”

Made for moms by moms, the MAJKA promise is products that are clean, effective and good for you and your family. Lorena found herself extremely depleted all while taking care of everyone else which led to hair loss, extreme fatigue, and baby brain. Wellness has always been a passion of Lorena’s and while she has battled health issues like Hashimoto’s, PCOS, and MTHFR, she has learned how much better life can be if you are attuned with your body.

MAJKA all natural whole-food ingredients

With new product launches in the pipeline Lorena plans to continue to grow the MAJKA community and be able to provide it with not just great products, but all the resources moms need to feel at their best! Her favorite way to use MAJKA

is to take the Nourishing Lactation Powder every morning for breakfast and mix it with almond milk, fresh greens like spinach, flaxseed, and a tablespoon of almond butter. Eventhough Lorena is no longer breastfeeding, she is a certifiable busy mama on the go and incorporating the powder into her morning smoothie helps cover her nutritional needs.

MAJKA lactation powder + Bites

Lorena wants to remind moms that it’s important to dedicate time to what you are passionate about. “Being a mother is the most amazing experience in the world, but it is a part of who you are NOT all you are.” You will be a better mom, a better partner and a better worker if you feel fulfilled. Lorena has always followed her gut and pursued her passions. She says, if you are truly passionate you will make it work. “Often I hear moms say they really want to do something, but there is no time.” There is always time to pursue your dreams. Don’t overthink it, start small, reach for attainable milestones and as Lorena says best, “turn your dream into big wins!”


Learn more about Lorena  Garcia and her work at BLOGUETTES + her breastfeeding brand MAJKA 

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