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Sensual Self-Care: Conscious Pelvic Breathwork

| November 16, 2018

All of us are gifted with a wild and thriving sexuality and almost all of us have experienced loss and disconnection with that gift. One of the most healing and revolutionary things you can do is love your authentic sexuality. Engaging in everyday rituals to get you closer to that essential truth of your being helps you to expand and transform.

Conscious Sensual Breathwork is a practice, usually done for 5-30 minutes a day, that recenters your sensual self, helps heals past hurt, integrates your feelings, and brings you into your sensual and sexual flow. I have hundreds of practices, but my favorite practice is pelvic breathing! You put your hands over your sex organs, and breathe, with the intention of fully connecting into yourself and your body, and crafting connection between your genitalia and your voice. Its a powerful way to bring your consciousness into pleasure and desire mode.

Pelvic Breathwork Benefits

  • Deep relaxation of the muscles inside vagina.
  • Clearing emotional blockages that may have created tension in the pelvic region
  • Increasing sensation and heightening sensitivity
  • Expands your bliss, brings a renewed fresh feeling internally
  • Expands your orgasm away from tightening and into more opening
  • Helps to ground you in your body in the moment

Conscious Pelvic Breathwork

  1. Begin in a comfortable and calm space. Lying on your back you can have your feet flat on the floor with knees up, legs long against the ground, or soles of feet together with legs butterflied open on a comfortable surface.
  2. Breathe in and out of the pelvis. As you inhale through your nose, lightly contract through your pelvic floor- a gentle tightening, not a big squeeze.
  3. As you exhale, relax and release the pelvic floor— focus on the relaxation.
  4. Inhale count of 4 lifting the pelvic floor, and exhale count of 8 releasing the pelvic floor.

I often do a 5 minute practice in the morning to really get my day started with my sensual energy as my focus. What makes this magic is that you are creating connection to move sexual energy throughout your body! This creates a stronger channel for your desire, deep connection with the body, and attuning your intuition. Keep your intention and sensation focused on your pelvis.


Lydia Rose is the creator of wild + vibrant sexual ecology, is a erotic healing arts practitioner and radical sex + motherhood coach. She delights in handcrafting herbal care for sexual empowerment, health, ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of the erotic healing arts, she offers transformative sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed sexual earth. 

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