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Shifting from Patterns of Doing to Fully Being: New Year Reflections from a Mama Glow Doula

Sister Destiny Muhammad, Doula at Chosen Womb | January 30, 2023

My word for 2023 is being. As a wife of nearly four years and a mother of an eighteen-month baby girl, I have been in patterns of DOING, but not fully BEING. So this year, I am focused on being in love, freedom, and birth. If I tap more into the SPIRIT of who I am and more of living in the PRESENT moment, it will allow me to have a sense of freedom and an overflow of birth (my cup) in all areas of my life. And as I’m filling my cup, in this current season the values that are most important to me are compassion and faith.

“Your faith is demonstrated in your relationships and situations.” I heard this statement at the start of this year and it has given me a greater level of responsibility to heal myself and work through the challenges with my loved ones. As I deepen my relationship with myself, it’s naturally deepening the connection I have with others, allowing me to extend grace and expand my faith.

With all of the highlights that I see for myself in 2023, my ultimate goal is to meet myself!

Meeting myself in my personal opinion is the highest form of integrity. If I can be myself and embrace who I am at the core, then I will live a moral upright life with honesty to myself and everyone I come across. That’s what I strive to do in all areas of my life and I’m faced to do so as a doula because the work is constantly holding a mirror up to self. As a (re)Birth doula, I mother energy, minds, and mamas, allowing mamas to show up as their full selves. Furthermore, I’m constantly working to clear energy in my personal life.

Self-healing is a journey that I’ve been on for a while and it shows up differently every year. In 2022, I titled the year Cleanse-Define thinking that I needed to define myself. I went in circles trying to figure out who I am and in that process, it was a very painful cleanse. It’s not about defining myself. It’s about being me with a willingness to go in different directions. I don’t need to define myself (that was released in 2022). I just need to be me in the present moment because who I am today, may not be who I am tomorrow. Who I am is based on past experiences and when I work through the past, it creates a new version of me. It’s no longer necessary for me to say who I am, but to be a reflection of who I want to be. And when you’re being, change is celebrated. That’s what it’s like being a doula and a mother. Birth and motherhood are not always predictable. They both embody surrender and moving with the waves, which allow us to witness the girl within. It’s essential to honor and revere yourself. 

I am also celebrating and acknowledging this rapid growth, which is encouraging me to continue on this path. It is only the second week of January, but I already feel renewed from how much progress has been made.

This is a year of alchemy, a majestic transformation. Peaceful 2023!


Destiny Muhammad is a married mother of an 18-month baby girl. She’s a podcaster, writer, and (re)Birth Doula, who mothers energy, minds, and mamas at Chosen WombShe serves families virtually and in-person in Atlanta, Georgia (where she is based), surrounding areas of Arlington, Texas | Chicago + Gurnee, Illinois.

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