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Sacred Feminine Energy by Christiane Northrup, MD

| February 21, 2015
Excerpt by: Christiane Northrup, MD
Excerpt by: Christiane Northrup, MD

The energy of receiving and accepting balances the energy of doing and action that we get pulled into much too easily. A crisis or intense call to change can make us realize that we can’t go on using up all our vital energy and not replenishing it, always doing and rarely receiving. I call this “donating bone marrow.” Energetically, it really is that!

Around the globe, people are aware that life is changing. Astrologically, we are experiencing what’s known as the Turning of the Ages, when the planet earth moves back into the eleventh house of the zodiac. This is a point at which the feminine rises in partnership with the masculine—both within us as well as between men and women. Even if you don’t follow astrology, you can see that human beings are undergoing a massive change and turning away from old perceptions and ideas. Technologies, especially communication technologies, have had a huge effect on how we perceive each other and helped us see ourselves as part of a larger whole. Our hearts break over an online video of something happening halfway around the globe, or we’re moved to tears at some child’s triumph that was recorded on his father’s smartphone and appears on the screen of our own as we’re sitting at the airport. We all sense the truth so beautifully documented in my friend Dr. Larry Dossey’s book One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. We really are connected to everyone and everything, and unless we get serious about how to collaborate more effectively, the problems that seem to be “over there” will appear “over here” if they haven’t already. The world needs a lot of creativity right now if we’re going to solve our problems, and it yearns for the wisdom of seasoned women who own their goddess nature.

We’re entering a new age of experience and bringing back the sacred feminine energy, also known as yin, or the female principle, that was central to the lives and beliefs of humanity for the vast majority of prehistory. The sacred feminine influenced the rituals, ceremonies, religions, myths, legends, and artwork of ancient civilizations all around the world for thousands and thousands of years—far longer than the relatively new era of “written” history, which is a mere blip on the screen. And according to many anthropologists, the Sacred Feminine was worshipped as a Great Goddess or Earth Mother.1 Well, it’s time to bring Mama back!

If the lost feminine principle sounds far removed from your life, think about the buzz words you have been hearing lately. Business leaders are saying we need workers who are creative and who have good people skills (read: they’re intuitive and can collaborate and communicate easily). Political leaders are talking about how we have to stop the partisan bickering and work together. Both men and women are questioning the endless quest for financial rewards at all costs and the sacrifice of time that could be spent building community or developing relationships with others, including our kids. Feminine energy involves heeding the messages of our emotions, taking the time to care for our physical bodies and the Earth herself. It means listening to and receiving new ideas and taking in what other people feel, and then putting it all together to better understand how to interact with someone else in a way that benefits both people. That’s just what all good mothers do automatically. This is how the lost sacred female energy can work in the modern world, and each of us is part of it. We’ve tried war and conflict and being alienated from our bodies, our emotions, our pain, and our needs. How about trying something else?

  1. When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone (Orlando, FL: Harvest Books, 1978) and The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future by Riane Eisler (New York: HarperCollins, 1987) are two of the first books that explored the history of the goddess religion.

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