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4 Ways to Make Quarantine New & Exciting for Your Family

Daphne Thompson | March 7, 2021

We are coming up on a year of living through the pandemic and parents across the country may be worrying about how to keep their families not only safe, but happy at home. You’re likely looking for new ways to make this time fun and exciting, without putting anyone’s health (or sanity) at risk. Luckily, with the help of some great resources and brands, you can easily make your stay-at-home memorable for you and yours.

Here are some ideas we’ll be exploring as we wrap Winter and head into Spring:

Snuggle Up With Cubcoats

Even though there won’t be parties or events to get dressed up for, doesn’t mean your kids can’t feel fun and special in the clothes they’re wearing at home. Cubcoats designs super-cute and cozy sweatshirt and jogger sets, each themed after a different animal. Our favorite part? The sweatshirts, when folded up and zipped away into their built-in pouch, double as a stuffed animal for your child to cuddle with, making each product not only wearable around the house and outside, but playable as a friend to watch movies on the couch with or snuggle in bed.

Schedule a Home Ear Piercing Appointment

Quarantine can’t stop us from making memories, it just asks us to get creative about what our major life events need to look like in order to keep the people we love safe and prevent the spread of the virus. While Rowan does have a few in-person locations for ear piercing, their at home ear piercing service is the perfect safe way to celebrate a milestone moment with your child, especially during this time. If your child has been begging to get their ears pierced, consider booking an appointment for one of Rowan’s Registered Nurses to come to your home and deliver a memory you and your family will never forget.

I had my ears pierced at Rowan’s Upper East Side storefront in New York City, and I can’t say enough great things about the experience. It was clean, comfortable, and celebratory from start to finish. One of the best parts is they have nurses available virtually to answer any and all of my aftercare questions to make sure that I’m healing my new piercings at home.

They currently have nurses available to pierce at your home in Southern California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Houston, Texas, Minnesota, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia, and are actively hiring more nurses to expand their reach across the US!

Mix Up Lunchtime With Little Spoon

Many children across the country are still attending virtual schooling in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in classrooms, which means that parents have more responsibility on their plates than ever before. For those days when cooking lunch or dinner feels like an impossibility, Little Spoon launched a line of healthy meal “Plates” for toddlers and kids, which can be heated up and ready-to-eat in mere minutes.

The plates offer a variety of meal options and are packed with hidden veggies and superfoods that even the pickiest young eat will find delicious. At under $5 per plate of 100% clean ingredients, Little Foods plates are the kind of meal you can feel confident feeding your child on those days when you just don’t have the time or sanity to add “home chef” to your list of parenting job titles.

Update Your Home Library

Never underestimate the power of a good book. Whether you’re looking for a smoother transition into bedtime or just a way to calm and recenter your kids, revamping your bookshelves at home with fresh new titles is a must-do for the winter months. Reading a book together can be a simple yet effective way of spending meaningful time with one another, and an educational way to feel transported to another place and time without ever having to leave your home!

When your considering which books to stock your home library with, we encourage you to choose stories and authors that share a broad range of experiences and depict diverse characters. Here’s our list of Black-centered books and stories you can share with your children, organized based on age and reading level.

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