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OWN YOUR GLOW: New Book By Mama Glow founder, Latham Thomas

| December 10, 2017

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This book is a perfect companion for the woman on the rise. Its about embracing your unique feminine edge, using self-care as a pathway to empowerment and standing tall on a pedestal you built for yourself.

It’s about women reclaiming their bodies as sacred and uncovering their unique brand of magic. Own Your Glow is an elixir, a formula for standing in your truth and using your feminine edge to design a life worthy of YOU. There is a sensual, textured, prescriptive, grown-ass woman-ness that laces the book. Its a calling to all women to awaken the divine and tap into our power source.

Own Your Glow is an inspirational, actionable, and wildly enriching companion for change. Celebrity wellness and lifestyle guru, Latham Thomas provides soulful principles that offer an illuminated path for examining life’s challenges, helping you curate your path to greatness, while embracing your uniquely feminine attributes. Packed with rituals, meditations, and snackable lifestyle tips, Thomas provides a clear framework for harnessing your passion, developing spiritual fitness, and embracing true vulnerability. This guide is for anyone who wants to witness her own life transform and contribute to the positive change of the world around her. Combining spiritual, psychological and self-reflective tools, Thomas offers an antidote to the hustle-hard, make-it-happen mainstream culture and fosters slowing down, intentionality and self-care as a pathway to empowerment.

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How much more potent and powerful would we all be if we embraced our inherent talents, strengths and feminine edge, rather than dwelling in patterns of self-criticism, doubt and catty competition? Thomas invites you to step into a soulful-fulfilling life of freedom, transcending self- destructive habits and creating a blueprint for a more gratifying, centered, and bountiful way of living. Own Your Glow is an awakening roar for women to mobilize, become the masters of their lives, hold their crowned heads up high, letting their relentless light within shine bright for the world.

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