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Meet Heng Ou of MotherBees Postpartum Meal Service

Mama Glow | August 19, 2019

Mama Glow is all about supporting mamas-to-be and postnatal women on their journey into motherhood. Once the baby gets here you’re consumed with meeting her needs, marveling at how your tiny wonder looks, and reveling in motherhood- all the while loosing sleep, and in many cases faulting in proper nutrition. There is an amazing resource for new mamas that we love- focusing on the postpartum period- MotherBees. It’s a meal delivery service in Los Angeles that’s quickly becoming a fave of the health-conscious set of mamas in Cali. Molly Sims and Jewel are big fans of MotherBees. It’s based in the Traditional Chinese postpartum philosophy of 40 Days of care to restore the new mother after birth. Founder Heng Ou, author of The First 40 Days, is a mother of three and shares her insight, inspiration, and glow tips for new mamas and why you should grant yourself a little tender love and care.

Mama Glow: What is the inspiration behind MotherBees?

Hang Ou: As a child I remember visiting my aunt’s acupuncture office in the Bay area. I was always mesmerized with all the baby photos that laid on her desk, which she helped bring into the world. She specialized in fertility and she was my inspiration in life and for MotherBees. Early on in life I knew that it wasn’t always that easy to making a baby and it required detailed adjustments and care to reshape what didn’t work for so many women. By understanding the fundamentals of self-care I felt that mothers had to be taken care of…hence the birth of MotherBees. As many other cultures around the world have this grounded into their care system, Americans often lack this care, which may cause more health issues down the line.

MG: Your mission is for all moms and families to be well fed, why do you think new moms need such support?

HO: Inner and outer beauty is the key. After birth, mothers have an opening to their health, which is stimulated by her environment emotionally and physically. I find this interesting and an important factor to gaining her beauty, strength and power back. With all the emotions and possibly struggles that come after birth it is important to understand that there is also a 4th trimester that needs great care and attention.

MG: You launched your business with pregnant and new moms in mind what advice do you have for moms looking to launch their dream business?

HO: My advice is to work on your core and listen and act from your deepest gut instincts. Once you tap into this “gold” by stripping away the distractions in life, the gold will then be a constant flow and nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. We know it is very easy to starting a business but it takes every ounce to maintain the integrity and longevity of it. Also, asking for help when it is needed and never take “no” so seriously or personally.

MG: What are your glow tips for luminous living? 

HO: Healthy Relationships – Maintaining a nourishing exchange with the people that I chose to be in my life is an important part to keeping my daily glow. I feel that when life challenges are faced, learnt, then shed, it is the personal wisdom that shines through and long lasting relationships are the results of my daily glow.

Colorful Plate – I thrive on eating. I love food. Eating food with color and life makes a big difference to how it is then absorbed into your body emotionally and physically. Eating 90% healthfully to 10% anything else that I please normally works out for me. I don’t want to have too many rules about food. It’s got to be an enjoyable experience.

Consistent Exercise – I have a 6-day yoga practice which I try to maintain even with my busy schedule. It can be any practice but yoga helps me clear my head and it allows room for a brighter glow.

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