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Mama Glow Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrating the Holiday Season with Women & Femme-Produced Products

Bintou Diarra, A.B | Medical Anthropology, Brown University | December 10, 2023

The magic of the holiday season is here! This season, and Mama Glow has a lot to celebrate. The Soft Space by Mama Glow, a premium wellness oasis and gathering space that sits as an actualized dream of Mama Glow Founder and entrepreneur Latham Thomas, opens its doors on Saturday, December 9th, 2023 with the inaugural Mama Glow Holiday Bazaar. We are welcoming some of our favorite women and femme-owned brands who beautifully capture the Soft Space’s wellness themes. Among their products and offerings are those that fall within the categories of beauty, skincare, holistic health, pre/postnatal wellness, activewear, infant apparel, fragrance and more.

We are pleased to include these brands in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Sacred Botanical Aromatics | A Life Balanced | $40.00 – $50.00

An aromatic blend of ancient woods, this combination aims to cleanse your aura and uplift your overall mood. Scent components include pure essential oils of Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Vetiver & Vanilla. Learn more and purchase here


Mommy & Me Combo | Ancestral Whisper | $60.00

Honoring the old adage about a healthy mother making a healthy baby, Ancestral Whisper’s Mommy & Me combo prioritizes health and wellness for both baby and mom. The combination includes their oil, bath salts, and air purifier. Learn more and purchase here.


Shower them with Snugness | BabiSabi | $80.00

This set makes the perfect baby shower gift. The Shower them with Snugness package offers a Granny cap and Grey Gardens booties in Merino wool, and cotton linings for both, with the Sabi rattle and a gift box. Learn more and purchase here.


The Retreat | Behrhaus | $115.00

We are growing increasingly busy, but Berhaus’ set makes luxurious experiences the path of least resistance. The Retreat features two of the brand’s best-selling luxurious magnesium-based products and their dry body brush, which come together to provide relaxation, and health benefits. Learn more and purchase here.


Lavish | Bella Aura Fragrances | $25.00

Honoring Bella Aura Fragrances’ goal of bringing the luxurious aroma to our homes and sacred spaces, the Lavish candle can easily heighten the confidence of anyone using it. The candle boasts notes of creamy honey, coconut, monk fruit, brown sugar, and vanilla bean, and long burning times. Learn more and purchase here


Skincare Bootcamp Program | Bergen Dermatology |  $250.00

We all know of the importance of skincare, but honing in on what works for us comes with a lot of confusion. The Skincare Bootcamp Program aims to clear up this confusion without calling on you to ditch the products that work. Healthy skin is the ultimate luxury, and it is their hope that you walk away from the course with your healthiest skin yet. Learn more and purchase here


KAI | Doula Deity | $44.44 

Boasting white jade, clear quartz, and sea shells, Doula Deity’s KAI waistbeads can make anyone feel golden. The mixtures of browns and blues are meant to mirror the sea, and each set is customized according to the buyer’s individual measurements and tastes. Learn more and purchase here


Divine Detox Tea | Divine Sacred Space | $29.99

Heightening wellness just as much about releasing as it is about adding things to our regimen. With the Divine Detox Tea, you can do both. The herbal tea facilitates the cleansing of blood, the lymphatic system, waste, and other impurities. Learn more and purchase here


Kids Ultimate Gift Set | Evereden | $119.00

It is never too early to think about skincare. Evereden’s gift set allows children to think about it sooner. Featuring skin and hair care products, the set includes everything your child needs to curate their own skincare routine. Learn more and purchase here

Every Birth Box | Fourth Phase | $190.00

Birth is an unpredictable process, and Fourth Phase’s Every Birth Box allows you to proactively support a birthing person’s healing without knowledge of their mode of delivery. Featuring tea, hot and cold compresses, balms, and wraps, the receiver will benefit from the comforting offerings of the package, whether they deliver vaginally or go the surgical route. Learn more and purchase here.


Shea Butter Body Cream | Karite | $46.00

This fast-absorbing body cream quickly improves skin appearance to leave it smooth and supple. The Shea Butter Body Cream addresses drying, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of elasticity to heighten the user’s personal sense of confidence. Learn more and purchase here.


Classic Tote | K. Smith Studio | $238.40

Smith Studio’s Classic Tote is perfect for those looking to shop ethically. Simple, stunning, and sleek, the tote is manufactured with vegan leather, and is great for everyday wear. Learn more and purchase here


Fresh Organic Elderberry Syrup | Mimi’s Apothecary | $30.00-$70.00

There are simple ways to improve your health from home. Mimi’s Apothecary is honoring this with their Fresh Organic Elderberry Syrup, which allows you to fortify your immune system at an affordable price. Learn more and purchase here


Ritual Duo | oHHo | $140.00

When it comes to maintaining your health, addressing concerns as they come up is half the battle. With the Ritual Duo from oHHo, you can address acute tension and pain with their Recovery Balm, and improve your sleep to support a healthy immune system with their Rest – NY Oil. Learn more and purchase here


Complete Galaxy Bundle | Pink Moon | $388.00

Pink Moon boasts a large offering of beneficial skincare products, and with their Complete Galaxy Bundle, you do not have to choose. Offering full size options of customer and beauty-editor favorites, the bundle enables users to take maximal care of their skin. Learn more and purchase here


Bloom Leggings | Reprise Activewear | $120.00

With pregnancy comes embodied changes. Reprise Activewear is here to support birthing people through the journey. Their Bloom Leggings, which feature soft and breathable fabric, come with generous stretch that allows users to wear them throughout their pregnancy. Learn more and purchase here.

Pima Cotton Super Baby Sleep Bundle | Rockin’Blinks | $157.00

Every piece of Rockin’Blinks collection includes specific sleep information for the stage you are buying. They want to help you establish healthy sleep habits by helping you understand sleep at your child’s age.


Tea Variety pack. | The Orange Moon | $15.00

Honoring their mission to increase the accessibility of wellness concepts and products, The Orange Moon’s variety pack offers a multitude of herbal tea options, each boasting a unique traditional and culturally-sourced herbal remedy designed to improve personal health. Learn more and purchase here


Face and Body Lotion with Argan and Avocado Oil | Violets are Blue | $52.00

This time release lotion allows your skin to get the optimal ingredients at the right time. This face and body lotion from Violets are Blue is rich in essential vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, which come together to support smoother, suppler skin. Learn more and purchase here


Mama Knows Hat | Emilia George | $47.00

Motherhood can be chaotic, and sometimes, efficiency means opting for more casual looks. The Mama Knows Hat is designed to add a dimension of class to a laid back look. Adjustable to any head size, it is a product designed for all. Learn more and purchase here.



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