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Mama Glow Gift Guide: Holiday Presents to Honor Doulas & Caregivers

Daphne Thompson | December 18, 2021

Doulas and caregivers have truly gone above and beyond this year to support their clients and love ones in the best ways they know how. Caregiving is heart-centered work, and as birth workers give selflessly to ensure that all birthing people can have safe and positive birthing experiences, we unfortunately see too many go underappreciated for their skills, knowledge, and training. If you worked with or are close to a doula, birth worker or care provider, make sure they know how seen and valued they are this holiday season.

Here are some gift ideas for the doula in your life, to uplift their work, honor them through the holidays, and remind them to use this period of reflection as an opportunity to pour back into themselves.

Brown Girl Jane CBD Self-Care Bundle

Black female-founded CBD brand Brown Girl Jane is changing the game for easy-to-execute self-care, and has crafted a line of products dedicated to nourishing you, mind, body, and spirit. They have two different CBD topical potions – “Balance” for carrying you through the day ahead, and “Rest” for restoring peace and tranquility when your day comes to a close. Brown Girl Jane’s “Glow” luminous facial serum makes skin care a luxury, and is the perfect partner for facial massage and gua sha. They also just launched their CBD gelées for those who love gummies.

Brown Girl Jane Inside and Out Bundle – $192

Outdoor Voices All Day Jogger Pant

Doula work is physical work, and it’s important that your doula is comfortable and unrestricted as they support you through your birth. Outdoor Voices makes athetic apparel that is soft to the touch, easy to move around in, and gloriously on-trend. Their All Day Jogger should be a doula wardrobe staple, for its CloudKnit fabric, built-in pockets, and lie-flat waistband that doesn’t dig into your body through the long hours of labor. The pant comes in sizes XXS to XXXL, to suit a diverse array of body types and fit preferences.

Outdoor Voices All Day Jogger – $88

Kate Spade New York Backpack

For traveling care providers, a reliable and spacious bag is a necessity to carry your essentials from client to client. For doulas, a doula bag should be stocked with products that can not only support your work with the pregnant or postpartum person you are serving, but should also hold supplies that will sustain you and your needs. Kate Spade New York is known for their high-quality, fashion-forward, and long-lasting handbags and backpacks; we love their nylon convertible backpack as a durable option to carry all of your favorite caregiver’s must-haves (and to look good while doing it!).

Kate Spade New York The Little Better Sam Nylon Convertible Backpack – $228

MNDFL Mindfulness Online Training

One of the many things we love about care providers is that they are always trying to expand their knowledge and skill base to offer as much as they can to their clients. Mindfulness has been proven to improve health and wellness holistically, and MNDFL is teaching mindfulness online for all levels – whether you want to practice mindfulness on a personal level or if you hope to become certified to incorporate it into your life professionally. Their introductory 2-hour class teaches the context of modern mindfulness, origin and history, Buddhism and wisdom traditions, and more, and opens the door to more advanced courses and programs within their catalog to deepen your study and practice of “MNFLness.”

MNDFL Intro to Mindfulness – $47

The Sill Potted House Plant

Doulas are natural nurturers, and that instinct to care permeates all areas of their life. While flowers are a classic show of appreciation, we love gifting potted plants – every time you care for them, they’re a beautiful and long-lasting reminder that the person who gave them to you cares deeply for you, too. Plants have been proven to improve indoor air quality and lift mood, and are especially welcome during the cold winter months that life will still continue to bloom.

The Sill Plant Parent Set (3 Plants) – $48 

Anima Mundi Herbals Deep Detox Kit

The holidays serve as a great time to reflect and reset ahead of the new year, which for some includes a detox cleanse of the body. Anima Mundi Herbals offers a full suite of products designed to nourish and heal the body, and their deep detox kit comes with a number of herbal powders and elixirs curated to boost the metabolism and encourage the removal of stagnation and toxic accumulation within the organs.

Anima Mundi Herbals Deep Detox Kit: Herbal Cleanse – $180

Molekule Air Purifier

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it is so important that we protect the health and wellness of our care providers. Molekule has risen in popularity over the past two years, as they say their air purifiers have the capacity to destroy Covid-19 in the air by over 99% in under 1 hour. The Air Mini is suited to purify rooms up to 250 square feet, and is easily transported from place to place to serve as an extra barrier of protection against infection.

Molekule Air Mini – $399

Mama Glow Doula Homeschool Training

If you have benefited from the support of a doula, you know how truly life-saving their work can be, and how instrumental doulas are in protecting the birth experience for an expectant person. Mama Glow Doula Homeschool Training level 1 serves as a first step toward receiving your doula certification, and offers our world-class and one-of-a-kind teaching methodology through weekly, live online classes with Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas and supplementary coursework. Ongoing professional and workforce development support is offered to all Mama Glow doula trainees after the 6-week program has concluded.

And for the person in your life who has already completed level 1 of the Mama Glow Doula Training Program, they can continue their education by enrolling in the next level 2 training program (focusing on postpartum doula care), which begins in February 2022.

Mama Glow Doula Homeschool Online Weekly Professional Training Program Level 1 – $725

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