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June Ambrose’s Spring Closet Cleanse

| March 11, 2014
Style authority & mother of 2, June Ambrose
Style authority & mother of 2, June Ambrose
Spring has sprung beauties! And you’ve been bundled up all winter. Now it’s time to peel back the layers. Just like you clean every corner of your home in the Spring, and you change your diet to incorporate lighter foods, you should also change your wardrobe! Celebrity style authority June Ambrose shows us how!
Spring Style Cleanse as told by June Ambrose
Pump up the volume on color:
Start introducing more color to your wardrobe. Because fashion evokes the spirit of the season- you want to introduce color into your wardrobe immediately. You want to bring out your neons and bolds and fold them into your existing closet of neutrals. That is your calling card for the spring!
This is a great time to figure out what was not worn this fall and last season and what no longer fits well. If it was not worn all season- and you don’t have a relationship with it- you should divorce it! Is it necessary, what consignment shop is it going to, what charity are you donating it to? You want to let it go like a bad relationship. Move forward and move on!
Think about what you want to invest in for the new season. Is it a fly handbag, scarves, a nice turban, a fierce shoe…Think about what will be relevant in the new season and carry over to the fall. A curated closet makes for a simpler life. Even swapping out your hangers and using better quality hangers so you can really see the garments helps.
Prepare for storage:
How will you store your big heavy sweaters, the wool coats, boots- you want to make sure all of your wool stays intact and nothing gets destroyed by moths. Make sure you store with cloth containers and cedar blocks. Ladies!! Do not store your clothes in plastic bags from the dry cleaners they will deoxidize the fabrics and destroy the color over time.
White shoes played from Fall to Spring so you can keep those out as we move into spring. Faux animal prints are also very cool!
Some of you will be happy to know that Chocolates are still in for the spring! We integrate metallics, bold florals and colors, hibiscus and floral prints. Think of the browns as good dirt, the fertile soil and a great foundation for your patterns, color and floral prints.
It’s all about eyewear all year around but new frames will redefine your look. It’s filling the void of a face you have no time to make glamourous, i.e. flying out the door to take the kids to school with no eye makeup on. The frames become your way to express yourself and yet cover up tired eyes or maybe puffy eyes from Spring allergies. Take a peek at my collection with Selima Optique.
Pinks are in! I love a pink lip. Brighter eyeshadows that open up the face are in so make sure your color palate reflects the beauty of what you see in nature.
I look at Spring as springing forward, moving on, and letting go…a new beginning. That’s how you should look at it. As you walk into your closet and redefine yourself, think of it as a great time to reshape who you want to become. Especially in a season where your body is a lot more visible since we aren’t wearing as many layers to “disguise the surprise”! It’s a time where your body can be revealed more. It’s a self awakening moment, it’s a cleansing from the inside out. But it’s also a great time for rediscovering oneself. So have fun and don’t be afraid! Happy Spring!
June Ambrose
June Ambrose- curator of style and mother of 2. June is the ultimate style authority. Her client list wraps around the block, including notables: JayZ, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys, and more. She is the author of the book, Effortless Style and has a capsule eyewear collection with Selima Optique & a fabulous shoe collection which she released through HSN.
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