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Interview with mama-to-be Daphne Oz.

| January 20, 2014
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You know her from ABC’s the Chew, her radiant smile and golden locks light up the tv screen. She has spawned a movement with her books The Dorm Room Diet & her newest release- Relish, this New York Times bestselling Author is not only committed to celebrating life through food- she is an expectant mama! The daughter of America’s beloved medical authority- Dr. Mehmet Oz has carved out her own space in the wellness movement and shares a little piece of her world with us and how she gets her glow!
You launched Relish in the Spring, then became pregnant in the Summer, you’ve been working on so much- what can we expect this winter?
This winter I am completely off for the first time in a long time!! Our baby is due in March, so I know the Spring will be a wild and wonderful ride. I’m really looking forward to having the winter to spend with my family and to taking a couple easy weekend trips with my husband to relish our last bit of time as a twosome. I’ve been reading a ton – all the requisite baby books of course, but also tons of novels and magazines and all the pleasure reads I’m worried I won’t have time for anymore once the little duckling arrives. My friend also told me to make sure to schedule a hair appointment, a mani/pedi, a massage, and a wax for a week or two before the baby is born since, according to her, I won’t do any of these alone for the next 10 years (smile). But I also feel like the creative side of my brain is working overtime with all these baby hormones, so lots of brainstorming in the works!
 What is the most exciting thing about your pregnancy so far?
Every day is a new adventure. I remember the first little butterfly flutters that turned into kicks as being the most exciting time in my pregnancy to date, because it all felt so real: there’s a little life inside of me!
We got to take a class with Mary Helen at Ballet Beautiful together earlier in your pregnancy, how have you been incorporating exercise into your busy schedule? 
I gave up most of my high intensity workouts like spinning and running early on because I’m not so good at doing those things half intensity, and it’s important to always be able to hold a conversation while you’re working out when pregnant. Instead, I walk three-to-five miles a day, do easy leg lifts and butt lifts, and lift low weights just to make sure I keep my muscle tone. Walking especially has been so crucial in keeping back pain at bay and keeping me limber even as I grow larger by the day! It’s also a great way to clear my head and get the creative juices flowing regularly, and of course is an amazing energy boost and detox flush for the lymph system and body overall.
Mary Helen of Ballet Beautiful, Latham Thomas, & Daphne Oz
Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen, Latham Thomas, & Daphne Oz
You come from a strong family that values health and wellbeing- what are some of the biggest lessons your parents taught you that you hope to pass down to your little one?
The most important lesson my dad shared was not to worry. He knows I’m a nerd and that I’d love to read everything I could and ask everyone with any knowledge in the space for their advice, but he encouraged me to absorb it all, figure out what seemed smartest and made the most sense for me with my doctor’s counsel, and then just to enjoy the process! My mother and grandmother each raised four and six kids, respectively, and they are both so laid back. They told me to trust that much of the process is intuitive. We make the best choices we can in the situations we’re in and then quit worrying – the most dangerous thing for baby would be constant exposure to tons of stress hormones, and the best thing for baby is a happy, comfortable, healthy mom!
What’s been your favorite go-to plant-based snack or meal? Can we find it in your book? 
I start most mornings with a vital nutrient-packed smoothie: frozen bananas, cherries and/or blueberries, a handful of kale or spinach, nutzo butter, almond milk or yogurt, a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds or chia seeds, fresh lime juice and mint if I have it around, and a splash of water to blend. Delicious, fast nutrition on the go that keeps my baby very happy indeed. It’s available here on my website: http://www.daphneoz.com/smoothie-of-the-moment/.
What are your 3 Glow Tips for luminous living?
1. Drink more water than you ever thought possible. As your blood volume expands to meet the needs of baby, this is even more crucial. It also helps to keep everything hydrated, meaning easier digestion and better looking skin! And make sure you take your vitamins. I love the Metagenics Pregnancy Packets, and I supplement with a healthy probiotic, extra folic acid (my doctor recommended I do this), and B12 to help ward off sciatica and lower back pain. Additionally, if your prenatal doesn’t include them, essential fatty acids especially crucial as the baby’s brain is forming. They also may help keep “baby brain” from setting in too badly with mom – yay for fewer lost trains of though and swiss-cheese memory! The better you function on the inside, and the better you look on the outside, the easier it is to feel amazing about yourself.


2. Make your home/office/environment work for you. I had so much fun in December getting rid of all the junk and clutter that had accumulated over the course of the year – you suddenly have all this new space to grow into, and can start the new year fresh! But there’s no reason to wait until the New Year to do this: give your life a good scrubbing once a month, or once a week if you like! This goes for physical clutter, as well as emotional clutter and energy drains that prevent you from doing exactly what you should be doing with your precious time. Making sure my life is organized around me allows me to be more productive, more creative, more centered and settled, which always makes me feel better.


3. Perfect your five-minute face. I know I’ll have less and less time to beautify once the baby arrives, so whereas I am a total makeup and product junkie now who could easily spend hours playing, I’ve learned the bare essentials I need to look well-rested and glowing without taking a ton of time. A little foundation and/or highlighter mixed in with my moisturizer gives a nice, light day coverage. I swear by Cle de Peau Beaute concealer for under my eyes – it’s 8 hours of sleep in a tube, magic! Two coats of CoverGirl lash blast mascara in very black (and make sure you switch out the tube each month to keep it at it’s maximum glossiness and no clumping), and a bright lipstick or stain that can go on lips and cheeks – I’m a big fan of the Bobbi Brown convertible palates. It also minimizes what you have to carry in your purse, so you can take it with you on the run.
If you don't have it already- get your copy of Relish- by Daphne Oz.
If you don’t have it already- get your copy of Relish- by Daphne Oz.
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