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Honoring Nutrition and Restoration With Agni: A Breastfeeding Journey

Bintou Diarra, A.B Candidate | Medical Anthropology, Brown University | December 18, 2022

Nourishment is crucial in the time after birth. Despite the heightened focus on the health of the infant, the importance of sustenance is not limited to the baby. Research highlights the significance of breastfeeding in promoting the health of newborns and their birthing parents. Breast milk is not only rich in nutrients, but it also contains antibodies that aid in protecting babies against a host of infections. As the baby grows, the birthing parent’s breast milk must adjust to accommodate the baby’s nutritional needs. This makes the health and well-being of the birthing parent especially important in the nursing journey.

Agni, a women-led food-healing company based in California, honors both nutrition and restoration, making their products a staple in the postnatal journeys of many. Pulling from shared findings of ancient knowledge and modern science, Agni elucidates the often-confusing findings about food and health and uses their knowledge to create foods that are both indulgent and replenishing. 

Mother of two and Mama Glow Doula Mychel Scott tells all the mothers she encounters about the healing capacity of Agni products. She is in her postpartum phase and continues to nurse her toddler. At this point of her reproductive journey, she is mindful of how she cares for her body. “My goal at this point in my journey is to continue to prioritize my health by caring for my postpartum body with loving, healthy and natural products.” 

Her goals certainly align with Agni’s focus. Working with a designated Medical Advisory Board, Agni sources organic, non-GMO ingredients to create seasonings, teas, and cookies in their support of people at various stages of the reproductive continuum. Equally as powerful as their products is their messaging. Mychel notes that Agni reminds her that “We got this and You got this!” which is especially motivating at this point of her reproductive journey.

There exists a multitude of Agni products, and Mychel loves each of them for different reasons. She is currently enjoying the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sesame Nori Seasoning, and the Tulsi Cinnamon Tea

She loves the cookies, which promote digestion and lactation, because of their tasty and nourishing quality. “I enjoy how tasty, light and filling the cookies are. One cookie and I’m satisfied..—although I’m tempted for more, it is just the right amount.” The value of Agni’s products does not end with their amazing taste. Mychel loves the seasonings because of their utility: “I absolutely love how versatile the Sesame Nori Seasoning is which makes it a staple seasoning in my kitchen and on the road. I keep a little shaker with some ready-to-go Nori.”

To Mychel, the Cinnamon Tulsi Tea is “a journey in and of itself”. She describes it as “an automatic body massage” that loosens her and prepares her to wind down.

Mychel’s journey with Agni gives substance to her understanding of self-care as she continues to manage nursing and the responsibilities of new motherhood. “My relationship with healing and nourishment was always an idea in my mind. Yet, I did not know how to actualize it until I became a mother and realized that I did not give my body what it needed to live optimally. My relationship to healing and nourishment is now centered on learning my body more, so that I can respond from a place of compassion rather than guilt.”


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