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What the FUNK?! 5 No-Nonsense Deodorants that Calm the Funk Down!

| June 10, 2014

Ok so it’s getting hot outside and you know what that means…funk pockets! Things start getting sweaty and smelly in all the wrong places. You don’t want to have one of those awkward moments where you realize you’re the one who’s smelling up the room. The truth is there are tons of deodorants out there- many of which are full of harsh chemicals. The primary ingredient used in most antiperspirants is aluminum. Aluminum is a metal, which is used in antiperspirants to help block the sweat from escaping the pores. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer in women and has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Several studies have shown a link between increasing antiperspirant use and rising rates of female breast cancer and prostate cancer in men. Paraben exposure has also been linked to birth defects and organ toxicity. Propylene glycol is another common ingredient that is used in antiperspirants and deodorants. This is a petroleum based material that is used to soften cosmetic products due to its slick consistency. Triclosan is another common ingredient included in commercial deodorants and is classified as a pesticide and is a known carcinogen. And the list goes on…So  how do you keep the funk at bey? Whether you’re pregnant, a breastfeeding mama, or a papa who is looking to upgrade his hygiene- we have a solution. We’ve rounded up our top five favorite natural deodorants that meet our safety standards and really get the job done.


Oyin Handmade Funk Butter- $5.49 The odor-absorbing power of baking soda is the star ingredient behind this natural product, made with microfine vegetable powders and Kaolin clay to help absorb moisture and keep you cool. It’s exfoliating, moisturizing, and equally effective under arms or between toes. Don’t be put off by the small package, a little bit goes a long way. The pit party is over! This funk butter will get the odor under control. This product comes in Unscented, Mango, and Black Cedar Fig scents. 


R.L. Linden & Co Uplifting Deodorant Spray $38.00 A super effective all-natural deodorant spray with uplifting aromatherapy and flower essence benefits. Spray away the stinks on armpits, toes, yoga mats, and more all the while feeling peace and calm come over you. This deodorant can really spruce up your life with all of the floral essences and vanilla undertones…but let’s start with eliminating that pit-funk.

Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream $14.00 This all natural and über powerful cream utilizing superfine vegetable powders and clays, as well as lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, will ensure you don’t ring the funk alarm. It has a smooth frosting like consistency and applies easily, absorbs into the skin and can annihilate the worst odors. This is Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream is vegan and is made with the highest quality organic and food-grade ingredients.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant Spray- $16.00 Residual odor from naturally detoxified skin gets purified, neutralized and replaced by the tantalizing scent of this blissful Rose deodorant. Rose is a natural antibacterial and the spray is your partner in crime especially if you’re wearing something sleeveless. It comes in travel size- keep it with you for those hot and sweaty summer days. 

Iwilla Remedy I Love My Armpits- $9.99 What a a positive affirmation! I love My Arm Pits. Who gives their armpits any attention? To love them is to use botanical ingredients that heal the skin rather than harm it. The clay and herbs in Iwilla Remedy’s formula work together to absorb moisture, limit bacteria growth and neutralize odor. The glide on stick is a bit grainy in consistency, but it performs. The Spicy Lemon, Baby Powder, Herbaceous Woods, and Floral Fields scents effectively neutralize odor. They have small travel sized ones you can take on-the-go for convenience!

What are your thoughts on natural deodorants? Do you think they work? What is your  secret to calming the funk down?

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