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Make Up in Minutes : Six Tips to boost your Glow!

| May 29, 2014
Post by: Shirley Pinkson of W3LL People
Post by: Shirley Pinkson of W3LL People

Faster. Faster. Faster!!! 3 words that define our morning state of mind. If the snooze button has become your morning practice, I’m here to help.

Here are 6 Make up in Minutes beauty tips to help you boost your morning, your look, and your GLOW!

1. De-Clutter and De-Tox your make up bag

Throw away anything you haven’t worn in 6 months. The less that you have to dig through, the quicker you can get to the task at hand!

2. Give your makeup bag some ‘natural’ love.

Natural products are not only better for you, they are efficient and empowering. Empowering because you’ve made a happier choice – Efficient because they often serve more than one purpose.

3. Target your beauty. 

Get your daily look down! If you are all about your eyes, master your eye make up. If lipstick is your love, keep the attention on your pout and lighten up an the eyes. Bottom line: Choose your beauty weapon!

4. Expect your makeup to multi-task.

Put your makeup and skincare to work. Less is actually more, especially when you make choices for your make up bag that suit more than one of your beauty needs.

An antioxidant rich multi-tasking cream color stick can easily enliven your eyes, your cheeks AND your lips. Choose soft, neutral shades that can’t be overdone. Ditch the brush and apply using fingertips! Universalist 1 from W3LL PEOPLE is a personal favorite. In a pinch for time? Throw it in your purse and apply on the go.

5. Smart coverage: finding the right foundation stick is genius – especially if it has skin loving benefits. Use it to double as a healing and nourishing concealer stick. Apply with your fingertips or a foundation brush to cover imperfections.

Ingredients to look for: aloe, green tea and omega rich oils such as sunflower seed oil.

6. Wake up your gaze with mascara.

Slow down and use a gentle hand when applying your mascara, otherwise you will get more mascara on your eyelid than on your lash! We don’t want it to look as though you threw your mascara on during your bumpy cab ride to work!

Shirley Pinkson is an A-list beauty pro who brings an elite level of artistry and insight to the W3LL PEOPLE founding team. Her 20 year career working in leadership positions at prestigious corporations ranging from Barney’s New York to M.A.C. is most renowned for success in helping shape NARS Cosmetic into a global phenomenon. Leveraging this wealth of experience, and a demanding eye for perfection, Shirley leads W3LL PEOPLE Supernatural Makeup product development. Gifted with an uncanny beauty sensibility, Shirley delivers spot on solutions every time. Performance, simplicity and quiet confidence are the key qualities that shape her winning style. Shirley is highly sought after for her make up genius with high profile clients including Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini. Shirley’s work has been featured in every facet of media ranging from print editorial work in New York Times to national TV campaigns. Shirley resides in her heart home of Brooklyn, New York with her partner and two dogs.


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