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5 Fit-Mom Tips to Enhance Your Lifestyle

| December 5, 2016
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Post by: Lisa Tanker- fitness & lifestyle guru

Getting fit encompasses more than just being active. To truly live a more fulfilled life, its important to work on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Yes, fitting yourself into your life can seem like additional work that is added to your normal day of running errands, working a job, taking care of your family and all of the other things life throws your way. In the midst of being super woman, it’s easy to lose focus or just feel too flat out tired to take care of yourself.

The challenges of balancing life and “being a good mom” is demanding, but as a mom, there are some things you can do to make sure you make time to keep yourself healthy and fit. Self-care is important and by making a decision and planning healthy living into your schedule, it is more than doable and will prove to be worth the effort for you as well as your family.

5 Fit-Mom Tips To Enhance Your Lifestyle

  • Say Yes to You – So many women judge themselves on being good moms based on putting everything and everyone as a priority while unknowingly sacrificing their own emotional and physical health. This super woman syndrome can hinder you from truly being the healthiest version of yourself. To truly be present and have more to give as a mom, it is important that you say yes to you. Saying yes to you means including time in your daily schedule for yourself. This may be early morning meditation, quiet time alone or scheduling time for a workout. Even if you can only carve out 30 minutes a day, make yourself a priority. You will be surprised how 30 minutes a day can make a difference in your life.
  • No guilt Zone – Schedule time to make fitness a consistent part of your life by                           allocating 3-4 days a week to workout. It’s important that you look at each day and balance how much time you give to everyone else versus the time you give to yourself. Now that you have a family, you must remember to prioritize the events for your children and family while saying no without guilt to things that are of less importance. With the time you save from prioritizing, no have availability to fit in your rest and fitness without feeling guilty.
  • Be Emotionally Aware –A significant factor in being able to make healthy decisions around working out and eating has a lot to do with being aware of how you feel. At times, the day-to-day activities of being a mom can feel stressful. First, know that you are not inadequate for having these feelings. The key is to be aware of your emotions so you can manage your life and adjust accordingly. When you are emotionally aware, you make better decisions. So if you can acknowledge that you feel stressed, you can then make decisions that include: organizing your schedule so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, asking for help or taking well deserved time to pamper yourself. Stress plays a huge role in how people eat as well making one feel unmotivated to work out. So by simply acknowledging how you feel, you will take yourself to the next step of developing solutions to manage your emotional state with solutions that lead to better decisions around being fit and healthy.
  • Set Your Own Personal Fitness and Health Goals –Taking care of yourself should be a priority because your emotional health and physical health play a huge role in you being available to your family. Commit to Reaching Your own health and fitness goals so that you feel good, are more confident and have more energy to devote to the loves of your life. Reaching your own fitness goals will give you a sense of personal achievement, help you have more energy to be active with your family and bring more spark to your relationship!
  • Make Fitness a Family Affair – Women are truly leaders in the family because many of the decisions around healthy living start mom. This is a great opportunity to infuse a healthy lifestyle into your family. Make fitness fun for by finding one activity a week that your family can do together. Involve your kids and spouse by getting their input on fun activities they like and schedule one once a week. This will allow the family to bond, be active and live healthy while subliminally teaching the kids that active living should be a part of their lives. It’s nothing like giving your kids the gift of living healthy by leading by example.

What will happen when you put yourself first and focus on being a Fit Mom?  You will discover a new healthier Fit You! A new you that feels good and is more available for your family. It’s truly amazing what happens when your physical and emotional health are in sync.  So today, I want you to make a decision to embrace fitness and healthy living as a part of your life for the rest of your life.


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Lisa Tanker is a fitness and lifestyle guru who has cultivated her own massive Amazing Transformation Community of over 1,500 clients. Lisa is unique in this field because of her ATC program incorporates personalized fitness plans and specific emotional support to help her clients achieve ultimate results and health. Lisa’s dynamic teaching approach of addressing wellness from a complete 360-degree lifestyle overhaul has enabled women to lose weight and improve their health through her training, while simultaneously building self-confidence and a better outlook on life. Lisa is on a mission to help busy people around the world find time to embrace healthy living and help them look and feel amazing.


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