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W3LL People: 7 Conscious Cosmetic Tips For the GLOW!

| April 19, 2014
Post by: Shirley Pinkson of W3LL People
Post by: Shirley Pinkson of W3LL People

Hi gorgeous! Our skin absorbs 60-80% of what we put on it. This simple fact drives our mission to create innovative cosmetics using extraordinary quality, integrity and purity to achieve beautiful aesthetic results outside and healthy results inside. W3LL PEOPLE super-natural makeup is designed specifically for the modern woman who demands authenticity, simplicity, and quality—but not willing to compromise on convenience and performance. Are you ready to rock your inner beauty on the outside and look younger using make up?

Follow these 7 conscious cosmetic tips below to get your glow on.


Makeup is 50% skin, so let’s start there. Before applying any make up, applying a great moisturizer and sunscreen is imperative. Massage your moisturizer into the skin. It awakens the complexion and brings your skin to life.

Glow Tip: Don’t be afraid of oils! A rich argan oil, for instance, is loaded with anti-aging and reparative benefits.

Choose a liquid or cream foundation. Embrace dewy!

Put on your foundation directly after hydrating while your skin is moist. Your foundation will blend in seamlessly. Apply your foundation with a damp sponge or with a wide foundation brush. Use half the amount of product you would normally use- we tend to overdo our coverage.

Choose a golden based shade that warms the complexion and balances out any redness W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Stick Foundation #3 -light-medium or 5 – medium.

 Glow Tip: If you must set with a powder, choose a sheer translucent or clear powder (W3LL PEOPLE Realist X). Lightly dust only where shine is prevalent. Ask yourself: “Where am I the shiniest 1 hour after I apply my make-up?” -there’s your spot!

Wisely Conceal:

Choose a soft, creamy concealer with a touch of pink in the shade. This is the one part of the face where the ‘golden rule’ does not apply. A concealer with a pink undertone will battle the blues! It will cleverly conceal the darkness around the eyes.

Glow Tip: Apply your concealer to your upper lid! This will brighten and open up your eyes instantly.

Don’t be afraid of shimmer!

Who does not want to glow?! It’s all about strategy here. Purchase a sheer highlighter (W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-use Stick #2). Apply it to the round of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, and on your brow bone for the perfect candlelit glow. A great trick to create supple lips, is to apply a very thin layer of your highlighter onto the outer edge of the lips prior to applying a neutral lipstick. You don’t have to say goodbye to frosted or shimmery eye shadows! A dab on the apple of the eye can create a brighter, more prominent eyelid.

Glow Tip: Choose light neutral shades that compliment your skin tone. Remember, light brings features out / dark shades bring features inward.

W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-use Stick #2
W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-use Stick #2

Steer Clear of dark brows! 

Choose a brow color that is 2 shades softer than your hair color. If you are a silver fox, a cool taupe shade works best.

To keep the effect soft focused, I suggest a matte brow powder. A powder will go on seamlessly. Cream or pencil brow products can easily get clumpy and unevenly applied making blending a nightmare!

Glow Tip: Focus application on the inner upper corner of the brow moving gently outward toward the arch. This will create a lift to the brow. Do not double dip the brush to blend in the body of the brow. Use what product is left on the brush.

Define the eyes.

Eyeliner is your friend. The solution is in the technique. Keep the eyeliner tight to the lash-line, creating a thin lash and lid defining effect. Restrict your liner to the upper lid. No need to fear the blackest of liners if you put this to practice!

Glow Tip: Double the bright eyed effects by using a lash curler.

Use Cream Blush! 

Ok. We lose color as we age, sorry! A creamy, hydrating blush will enliven and rejuvenate any cheek! (W3LL PEOPLE Universalist 4 is a must!) Warm your blush onto your complexion using your fingertips, starting two fingers from the nose, blending towards your ear.

Glow Tip: Choose a timeless warm peachy/rose shade. 

W3LL PEOPLE Universalist  MultiUse colorstick #4
W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-Use colorstick #4

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Shirley Pinkson is an A-list beauty pro who brings an elite level of artistry and insight to the W3LL PEOPLE founding team. Her 20 year career working in leadership positions at prestigious corporations ranging from Barney’s New York to M.A.C. is most renowned for success in helping shape NARS Cosmetic into a global phenomenon. Leveraging this wealth of experience, and a demanding eye for perfection, Shirley leads W3LL PEOPLE Supernatural Makeup product development. Gifted with an uncanny beauty sensibility, Shirley delivers spot on solutions every time. Performance, simplicity and quiet confidence are the key qualities that shape her winning style. Shirley is highly sought after for her make up genius with high profile clients including Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini. Shirley’s work has been featured in every facet of media ranging from print editorial work in New York Times to national TV campaigns. Shirley resides in her heart home of Brooklyn, New York with her partner and two dogs.

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