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Mindful Mamas: 5 Stress Busting Tips

| April 25, 2014
Post by: Ed Harrold
Post by: Ed Harrold

Mamas, you have the most important role on the planet. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health starts at home and at an early age, and it should be noted that we are in a time where we are all primed to experience the rise of the Divine Feminine.  It has never been more important for you to be in a healthy space. No pressure but . . . we need you!

Here are some glow tips to keep you grounded—heart, head, and being—and minimize the effects of stress:

Breathe. The easiest way to shift into relaxation is through your breath. The length, depth, and pace of your inhale and exhale dictate your physical, emotional, and mental identities. A 15-minute breathing practice is a wonderful way to start and/or end your day. I’m going to show you the power of this when we meet in NYC for Mindful Mamas Monday!

Nurture yourself. Make time for simple pleasures like taking a bath, lighting candles around the house, playing music, or taking a nap. It’s ok.

Set boundaries. Women are multitaskers by nature and often take on too much. Say no when and where appropriate. If you can’t, that’s your healing work. Identify what belief system is in place that encourages you to create suffering for yourself in this way.

Positive affirmations. As parents, there is so much pressure to do it all perfectly, especially, as a mother. Give yourself a pat on the back. Acknowledge you’re doing GREAT. Repeat this mantra to yourself regularly: My heart is open. I am love. The universe made me as I am with all my perfections and imperfections. I am whole.

Slow down.  Time is a major contraction for us today. We’re lost in our own world of to-do lists, yet we’re moving slower than ever. The next time your mind takes you on a wild journey about how much you have to do, just start tackling your list and focusing your mind’s attention ONLY on the task at hand. You will probably be surprised to find you have hours left in your day to nurture yourself!

Mostly importantly, GO BE GREAT, ladies. Much gratitude to you for all that you do.


Ed Harrold
Ed Harrold

Edward Harrold is an inspirational leader, coach, and educator. Ed’s mastery in the science of breath has guided him to apply mindful, conscious breathing practices in fitness, weight loss, stress reduction, and overall health and well-being. Together with his wife Wendy, Ed founded the Center for Whole Self Health in 2006.

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