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Hot Sex Positions to get you Knocked Up!

| February 19, 2014
So you’re ready for a baby…or another one and want to mix it up in the bedroom to increase your chances of conception. You don’t have to resort to the same old  positions. Why not spice it up with these variations on classic positions and tips to help you make that baby!

Missionary position is one of the best sex positions when it comes to conception because when the woman lies on her back, the tilt of her uterus makes it easier for the sperm to travel to the cervix and into the uterus. Another a plus for the missionary position is that it allows the penis to penetrate more deeply into the vagina, so sperm can enter the cervix more directly right after ejaculation. But guess what, it’s boring! Turn it up with the next position- the Pelvic tilt. 

Pelvic Tilt
The man here is on all fours. That gives the woman space to lift her hips towards his penis, which allows for good penetration.
In fact, this position is even more effective than the classic Missionary because while the man keeps still, it’s the woman who does all the work, rocking back and forward thrusting her hips. This is Missionary redux!
Aside from the fact that it gives you a nice little toning to your transverse abs and works your hip flexors while having sex, this position is good because it maximizes the all important penetration and makes sure the woman is on an optimal tilt.
Doggy Style
Yes, Doggy Style or the Rear entry position is a great position to help you to get pregnant allowing really deep penetration, which is good for getting the sperm as close to the cervix as possible. Also, the added benefit of the tipping uterus again, as the woman is normally on a slight slant. The lady is on her hands and knees while the he enters from behind. This is an effective position but chances are- you’ve done it a lot. If you want to be a tad more adventurous try The Plough position.
The Plough/Wheelbarrow
To get into this position, the woman lies on the edge of the bed so her hips are the last part of her on the bed, and her legs are dangling on the edge.
She supports herself on her elbows, facing the bed, while the man steps between her legs which are stretched out behind her, lifts up her hips and thighs and penetrates from behind. You need some strength for this one. This is a fun variation on the traditional doggy style position and maximizes penetration.
A Few Glow Tips:
  • Most women are fertile five to six days each cycle, during their fertility window. The fertility window opens five days before ovulation and closes on the day of ovulation, with the most fertile days just before ovulation. To make conception more likely, have sex a day or two before you expect to ovulate and then again on the day of ovulation.
  • After ejaculation, the woman should remain lying on her back for an additional 20 to 30 minutes, preferably with her lower back supported by a pillow so her pelvis is tilted slightly upward. 
  • Orgasm is the training ground for fertility. So have sex, and often, (not just near ovulation) enjoy it! Although you don’t need to have an orgasm to conceive it sure makes it more fun!
Stay tuned for more spicy sex tips. Got questions or tips- share below.

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