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Glow Tips for Healthy Hot Sex: Pelvic Pumps

| November 27, 2013

Glow Tips for Healthy Hot Sex

Pump Up the Volume: Pelvic Pumping

Every woman should be doing these exercises and yet none of us thinks about it until we are about to have a baby. Very interesting! Our culture doesn’t teach the art of the pelvic pump. Some people think I’m talking about Kegels, but it is so much more than that. Vajroli Mudra, or the “pelvic pump,” generates intense energy in the lower body while keeping it contained. This builds up pressure in the energy channels. Once the containment is released, that pressurized energy shoots up the spine, breaking through any blocks or restrictions.

Vajra means thunderbolt in Sanskrit. Vajroli Mudra (the thunderbolt) stimu- lates the genitals with activated blood. Vajroli is simply the constriction of the urethral, vulvic, and perineal muscles. Vajroli Mudra tightens vaginal walls, which will stretch considerably during childbirth, and allows great pleasure for both partners during intercourse. For most men this exercise is the solution to the problem of premature ejaculation. For women it is the means to a more pleasurable sexual experience. But this exercise also helps to get women familiar with recruiting the muscles required for pushing the baby out. And it is one of the first exercises you can do postpartum. Mastery of this exercise allows you to experience longer and more intense orgasm, and allows you to understand how to release your baby dur- ing your pushing phase.

The Elevator (Pelvic Pumps): Because pelvic pumps are so helpful, I always keep this exercise handy when working with pregnant moms. You’re going to close your eyes and envision an elevator, wherever you like. (I like to pretend it’s the elevator at Saks Fifth Avenue, or someplace fun like that.) Next you’ll imagine the muscles of your vagina as that tall building. The base of your pelvic floor will be the bottom floor of the building, and your belly button is the top floor. You will slowly concen- trate on raising the elevator by tightening your muscles from the “bottom floor” to the “top floor.” At the top, you’ll give a slight hold before bringing the elevator back down, slowly relaxing your muscles from top to bottom, counting the entire journey as one repetition.

How to do it: To start, sit up nice and tall on a chair or the floor. You can sit in Cobbler’s Pose or with yoga blocks between your knees. Taking a few cleansing breaths, inhale and squeeze that elevator up to the first, second, third, then fourth floor. Hold all the muscles in as you draw up. Remember to breathe and check to be sure you aren’t clenching your jaw. Then, slowly release the elevator down for 3, 2, 1 counts. Finally, go deep within and push out of the basement (where all the sales are)! Repeat for a minimum of ten repetitions.

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