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Mama Glow Icon: Morgan Hutchinson

| June 27, 2015
Morgan Hutchinson, 34, Salt Lake City, Utah, Shop BURU
Morgan Hutchinson, 34, Salt Lake City, Utah, Shop BURU

A glamorous girl of southern roots with big city dreams. Wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Morgan Hutchinson give her all to what she loves most. Founder of Shop BURU a curated ready-to-wear online destination for moms everywhere who want to up their style game. She’s traveled the world and lived in cities across the globe and believes her worldly perspective on life that makes her “a woman with an open mind and an eclectic style”. For Morgan, fashion is wearable art. This chic mother of one stylish babe is doing what she loves and feels as radiant on the inside as she does (in a Rebecca Minkoff frock) on the outside. Morgan is a Mama Glow Icon because at the core of her fashion empire is a desire to help mothers breastfeed successfully all the while not compromising their style! We caught up with Morgan to get the juice on her what makes her tick and share her glow tips.

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What inspires you about fashion & who’s your style inspiration?

Clothes are my medium and my body is my canvas. While that canvas is starting to age, I find dressing as a mother in my mid-thirties to be the most fun of all. In my business, I see so many beautiful mamas in a style rut, afraid to try new things with a feeling of unworthiness to spend time and resources on fashion. These moms are my inspiration. I believe that how you feel on the inside has a strong correlation with how you look on the outside. It’s not about dressing for society. It’s about dressing for you. The simple truth is – when I like my outfit and feel good in my own skin, I have more positive energy and more drive to get out and tackle the day.

How do you juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship?

Balance is absolutely the most difficult aspect of motherhood. Most days I feel like there is just not enough to go around. It’s often about forgiving myself and realizing that I can’t do it all. It’s about giving your best in that moment. I feel best is when I compartmentalize and live in the moment. 45 minutes of dedicated “Olive time” seems more meaningful to me than 3-hours with her while I try to answer emails or calls all at once.

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You’re a breastfeeding advocate, what advice do you have for moms who want to breastfeed?

I am a “mama” advocate. My personal experience with breastfeeding was incredible. It was natural for Olive, and I had wonderful support from my husband and family. I would recommend breastfeeding to everyone, but I also realize that it can be very difficult and often doesn’t work for every mama or her lifestyle. If breastfeeding is a strong desire, then my advice is to seek support even before baby arrives. Find a lactation consultant that you love and ask every question that you can. And, if is you are going back to the office shortly after birth, research your “pumping” rights (AKA – your employer has to find a discrete and comfortable place for you). Keeping the milk supply up after going back to work is difficult so it’s important to be prepared. Oh…and buy lots of tubes of nipple cream! (And easy access tops and dresses from BURU!)

How do you maintain your look with a toddler in tow, how do you do it all?

I am NOT always put together…I just don’t post to Instagram on those days! I would say that I am surviving on dry shampoo, tinted moisturizer, and 3-minute showers. I include Olive in my entire 10-15 minute getting ready process in the morning. She is such a girly girl so it’s pretty easy. If I can keep her entertained by helping me pick an outfit and shoes, then I am winning. It’s the best kind of multitasking.

Morgan’s tips for getting ready in a hurry:

  • Night time showers or baths to save time in the morning
  • Wearing dresses or jumpsuits – a complete look with only 1 piece
  • Oversized Sunglasses to hide the tired
  • Owning a pair of comfy, chic daytime heels or wedges that go with almost everything!
Morgan and her daughter Olive!
Morgan and her daughter Olive!

Morgan’s Glow Tips for Luminous Living:

  1. Ditch the Soda/Sugar Drinks: Ridding my body and life soda was a huge step in the right direction for my health.
  1. Bubble baths…as many as possible. I used to think I needed to block out significant time for a bath to work it’s magic, but I have learned to make the most of 10-15 minutes in a tub full of delicious aromatic oils. It is so important to make time for yourself and disconnect. No iPhone allowed during soak time!
  1. Go for a stroll. Days get busy and a proper work out at the gym is often unattainable for me. That’s when I pop Olive in her Bugaboo Bee 3 and head for the hills. It may not be Barre or Soul Cycle, but it gets my heart pumping – literally and figuratively. This time with her is so precious. She is a captive audience, and I love listening to her thoughts as she takes in the view. Added bonus…I burn a few calories!

Shop Morgan’s incredible site: Shop BURU & follow her on Instagram.


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