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Mama Glow Obsession: The Body Stone by Kate McLeod

| April 26, 2019

I remember growing up and lathering cocoa butter on my skin after my evening bath. It was a ritual I learned from my mom, who was adamant about locking moisture into my dry-prone skin. I remember how I would have to wait for the oil to absorb before I could put on my pajamas. I would massage my skin, something I still do today as part of my grooming ritual.

We at Mama Glow love a good moisturizer. And recently when we attended the In Goop Health experience we encountered a really great one, the BODY STONE. Created by former pastry chef Kate McLeod, the BODY STONE is a completely plant-based, full-body moisturizer that is made in the shape of a stone, and it melts on contact with dry skin. Made with absolutely no preservatives, synthetics, alcohols, parabens, or plastics – the BODY STONE is nestled into sustainably farmed bamboo canisters and individually wrapped in cheese cloth. Opening the canister is like opening a present.

Kate McLeod’s Body Stone in production – photos courtesy of Kate McLeod

When I experienced the the Body Stone I was immediately transported by the scent of rose with Frankincense and neroli. Starting with my arms, I anointed my skin by applying the bar directly with firm effleurage strokes then using my hands to glide the emollient oils into my skin. The scent was enchanting and lingered for the day. I applied extra to my dry spots that have suffered the harsh winter and kept it by my bedside. As someone who has an intimate relationship with moisturizers, I found the stone to be a delightful addition to my ritual. The presentation invites you to slow down, touch your body and make magic of your self-care practice.

The stone tucked into it’s reusable bamboo canister

The BODY STONE is available in four varieties: the DAILY STONE, the SLEEP STONE, the NAKED STONE, and, the MAMA STONE. The latter is not only edible (and can be used as a soothing nipple balm for breastfeeding mamas), but it can also be used on blooming bellies during pregnancy, and some even use it for perineal massage, it is also approved for infant massage. McLeod, who is currently five months pregnant, says, “MAMA STONE is safe for every member of the family: from the newest newborn to the wisest old granny.”

And word has certainly gotten out. Fans are flocking to stock up on their stones. Naomi Watts boasts of the product, “You know how dry you can get in winter, and coming in and out of the dry heat and stuff? You just wipe this all over—I use it on my kids, because they get itchy, dry skin, and they love it, too.”

The Mama Stone is perfect for expectant and new mothers.

The idea for The BODY STONE was born when Kate’s sister-in-law examined what was in her lotion and insead gave her raw cocoa butter to use for her skin. With her culinary background, Kate decided to ‘temper’, or blend, the cocoa butter with some of her favorite oils to enhance the application process. She then worked with a local sculptor to create a stone that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

Kate says, “I discovered that I could make the cocoa butter glide on like silk – no harsh rubbing or sticky tugging like other solid moisturizers. I started sharing my kitchen creations with friends as ‘skin food’ and was told they looked edible. They were.”

Double boiler melting oils.

The BODY STONE has five core ingredients:

Cocoa butter: Rich in polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants, cocoa butter helps combat cell damage, healing and soothing all skin types. It has the power to lock in moisture and calm inflammation from the inside out.

Sweet almond oil: Mild and hypoallergenic, packed with vitamins A, B, E, K, and zinc, sweet almond oil prevents acne, alleviates dark under eye circles, and acts as a natural remedy for eczema.

Apricot kernel oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E, known for smoothing and improving skin’s texture. It impoves dry, sensitive, or mature skin.

Avocado oil: This super rich emollient oil drenches your skin in thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamins A and D.

Fractionated coconut oil: Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Medium chains can easily absorb through human skin.This feather light emollient that softens and hydrates dry skin.

The stones can be massaged into the skin with extra attention to sensitive areas

Kate and her co-founder Nichola recently opened the Butter Atelier in DUMBO, Brooklyn; there, they oversee the pouring, molding, and wrapping of the stones. “We’re very proud that the stones are not only safe but also sustainable – there is no waste,” Kate shares. “When you reach the end of your stone, pour yourself a hot bath and throw the remaining shards into the tub. They melt, you soak… and you emerge a moisturized goddess ready to take on the world!”

Kate has also found that babies are fans of MAMA STONE. And unlike other products, which can sometimes irritate the skin, the MAMA STONE is hypoallergenic, MADE SAFE certified, and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. It is perfect for baby eczema, cradle cap and diaper rash.

Kate McLeod, founder

Kate says that her own doulas are huge fans and she plans to incorporate it into her home birth this August- using it for perineal massage to putting it in a soothing bath to promote moisturized skin, MAMA STONE can be easily integrated into the any expectant mother’s prenatal rituals. And unlike some body butters that tend to sit on top of the skin and leave the skin feeling too oily, every ingredient in Kate McLeod’s BODY STONE actually absorbs into human skin.

Every BODY STONE is hand poured in her Dumbo Brooklyn workshop. They retail for $45, refills for $38, and a subscription option is also available.

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