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Sensual Self-Care: Breast Massage Ritual

| September 1, 2018

During pregnancy our breasts change and when we become new mothers our relationship to our breasts change as well. We often ignore our breasts outside of breastfeeding. We tuck them into an ill-fitting bra and that’s the extent of our contact with our breast friends. Our nipples are hardwired to the uterus and our breasts can be a very powerful and grounding source of pleasure. Lydia Rose, the founder of Wild + Vibrant Sexual Ecology, is a erotic healing arts practitioner and radical sex and motherhood coach, provides a sensual practice that we can embrace to reconnect with our breasts.

Sexual self-care is a daily practice where you show up for yourself using a variety of tools, to meet your sensual energy. Your sexuality is at the core of your wellness. Your sensual energy is the foundation of your energy system!  When I say sexuality and sensuality, I am talking about presence with your feelings, self-love, I am talking about expanding yourself and your radiance. 

You can be in touch with this energetic force everyday, just like you show up for other aspects of your wellness lifestyle, you can make space for your sexuality too. It’s from here, that we resource our sexual wellness. It is from here that we grow, we learn and we transform. 

A powerful way you can shift into your sexual authenticity is to practice breast massage.

Breast Massage is my favorite ritual to engage sexual energy, release conditioning, listen to the heart, and take care of the body. This practice is cleansing and helps to move the lymphatic fluid and toxins in your breast tissue. A healthy connection with our breasts can stimulate healing on multiple levels as well as an incredible tool to link you into your pleasure, desire, and libido.

Breast Massage supports:

  • An open your heart and releases tension
  • Opens pleasure pathways.
  • Connects you to your uterus and heart
  • Removes stagnant energy from your emotional heart, the center of your being, and flushes deeply your lymphatic system in the breasts
  • Brings fluidity and power to your breasts  
  • Optimizes and balances your hormones
  • Activates pleasure chemicals in your brain like oxytocin and dopamine
  • Strengthens feelings of self love
  • Primes your body for sexual experiences
  • Detoxes your breasts
  • Promotes healthy breast tissue
  • Encourages confidence and personal power

Breast Massage 

  1. Find a comfortable, safe and quiet place to practice. Begin topless. If you are short on time, you can do this ritual over your clothes. If you have had any part of your breasts removed, you can still do breast massage. Just work with the energy of your breast tissue and heart space. 
  2. Begin with a food grade oil, like almond, avocado, coconut, jojoba, with a light scent or none at all. I like to use arcline oil for this, created with loving intention for your sexual health and well being.
  3. Begin with a circular stroke starting downward on the outer edge of the breast, and upward on the inside, gently circling your breasts. This is hormone balancing, and the stimulation of the breasts will release a rush of the love hormone, oxytocin. Focus on how you can touch yourself in a way that feels pleasurable, and witness anything that comes up emotionally for you.
  4.  Switch directions, with circular strokes starting upward on the outer edge of the breast, and downward on the inside, gently circling your breasts. This direction encourages expansion in our heart, attunes us to our radiance, and our sphere of our breast tissue. It can also help physically grow your breasts! This physiologically puts you into a more loving state of being.
  5. Inner smile. Cup your breasts, as though they are your very best friends. Look down and smile.
  6. End with holding your breasts and saying with this gesture— “I got you!” then shake your breasts gently to move the lymphatic fluid. Take a deep inhale and exhale and release. FEEL YOUR RADIANCE!


Lydia Rose is the creator of wild + vibrant sexual ecology, is a erotic healing arts practitioner and radical sex + motherhood coach. She delights in handcrafting herbal care for sexual empowerment, health, ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of the erotic healing arts, she offers transformative sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed sexual earth. 

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