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6 Brands to Bring Along When Supporting Postpartum Doula Clients

Daphne Thompson | November 7, 2021

When it comes to postpartum doula care, it is vital that you arrive equipped not only with resources and knowledge to support the kind of personalized care your client needs, but the “tools” to provide that support with as much love and tenderness as possible. As postpartum doulas know, those visits between you and your client are an integral piece of their recovery process – and a time for them to feel swaddled and held through their needs in the midst of trying to prioritize the needs of their new baby.

At The DOULA EXPO by Mama Glow, we were so grateful to be joined by incredible brands who are, time and time again, showing up in their commitment to birth workers and care providers by making accessible some game-changing products here to help doulas move their clients through the postpartum journey.

Get to know them below, so you can incorporate them into your postpartum practice!


Agni‘s line of healing foods offers nutritional support across the entire reproductive continuum, but their postpartum offerings really stand out when it comes to making sure the birthing person feels nourished after the baby arrives. Agni’s monthly “Mama Box” includes 24 ingredients known for supporting digestion, breast milk production, restful sleep, immune health, hormone balance, and replenishing key nutrients. The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are a favorite because their recipe is effectively crafted with health in mind, without sacrificing the delicious, comforting flavors of a good, sweet snack.

Agni Mama Box – $55.25/month


It’s always good to have a couple of appropriately-sized diapers in your doula bag, just in case your overwhelmed client is running low or could use a break from changing. Kudos is the only disposable diaper that touches baby with 100% cotton – and it’s effective at preventing leaks, too! Kudos diapers come in 6 sizes, each with a wetness indicator, supporting babies from 8 pounds to 35+.

Kudos Quick Box of 27 Diapers – $14

Frida Mom

“Postpartum doula care” and “Frida Mom products” are practically synonymous, and it’s impossible to pick just one when packing your doula bag to go support a client through the postpartum period. Products such as their Upside Down Peri Bottle and Disposable Postpartum Underwear support the healing process after delivery, Sitz Bath Tablets and Witch Hazel Cooling Pad Liners are perfect for managing pain, and the 2-in-1 Lactation Massager and Breast Masks make sure that effective infant feeding doesn’t come at the cost of the feeding parent’s comfort.

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit – $49.99

Rosebud Woman

Rosebud Woman‘s product suite supports intimate care through every stage of your reproductive health, but their Anoint Nourishing Body Oil is especially needed during postpartum healing. Anoint serves as a deeply enriching cocktail of ingredients such as Apricot, Ashwagandha, Sunflower, and Rosemary, and is great for scar healing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Plus, it instantly enhances any massage experience, whether you are incorporating it into your postpartum doula care plan or teaching your client and their partner how to use it to maintain physical closeness through touch.

Rosebud Woman Anoint Nourishing Body Oil – $75


YUMI, known for its fresh, organic baby food, recently came out with an equally-delicious Adult Multivitamin. A multivitamin is an essential part of any doula bag, not only because it provides your client with some of the needed vitamins and minerals they might be depleted in, but it ensures that YOU are also getting the nutrients you need to sustain yourself through your work. YUMI’s puffs and fruit leather snacks are another great product to bring along, either to treat the family’s older children (if they have any) or to snack on yourself!

YUMI Adult Multivitamin “Biteamin” 3-month Supply – $84.99


The entire Anya brand was built to center postpartum recovery, with an assortment of tonics, topicals, and teas that can provide needful, holistic support during every doula visit – they’re doctored-reviewed and safe while breastfeeding, too! The Energy Tonic is delicious mixed with water or on its own with two droppers of tonic held under the tongue for quick absorption. Consider flavoring and fortifying your own water bottle with the citrusy tonic for vegan, non-toxic, caffeine-free energy and clarity.

Anya Postpartum Recovery Plan Box – $70/month

* Please note that, when determining how to price your services, you should absolutely incorporate your product needs into that budget and be clear with your client when an “add-on” to your doula bag will come with an added expense.

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