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Mira Kelley Talks Past Life Regression

| October 8, 2014


Mira Kelley is a renown past lives regressionist who grew up in Bulgaria, where at the age of 13 she had a powerful regression experience. Following her graduation from law school, Mira practiced as a corporate and securities attorney in a large law firm in New York City. A painful physical condition led Mira to rediscover the instantaneous emotional and physical healing available through regression, and now she assists people in transforming their own lives in this way. Mira’s work has been included in “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and “Miracles Happen” by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.;  on featured on

What is past life regression?
Past life regression is a form of meditation. It is a beautiful process that allows us to connect with other lifetimes we have lived. We do this for emotional and physical healing and to understand the connections we share with our loved ones in other lifetimes as well.

How does past life regression involve members of our families?
Our soul is part of a soul family. We incarnate together through different lifetimes and we change the roles we play in relation to one another. Your child has been with you in other incarnations. In one life, we may be the mother, but in another we may be the child, the grandfather or a best friend. We can also change our genders, our race or the geographic locations of our lives, but the love we share always brings us together life after life.

Is it common for children to talk about past lives?
It is very common. Children often speak of other incarnations. Sometimes, as with James Leininger who remembered life as an American fighter pilot who died in combat in World War II, these memories come up in dreams, often nightmares. Other children may experience a spontaneous recall. They can tell a short vignette about something that happened to them in another life.

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How should parents respond to stories their children share about past lives?
Simply listen and ask open-ended questions. The worst thing a parent could do would be to dismiss what their child is sharing, deny its validity or tell them to never talk about these things again.

How would a parent know if their child is having a past life memory or making up a story?
There is a different quality to the stories told from other lives. They come out of the blue and sound like bizarre, uncomfortable things for the child to say. Also, they are usually told very much as a matter of fact. Their sharing is not up for a discussion – it is simply a statement the child is making.

Can childhood fears be tied to a past life experience?
It very well may be. For children, the line between “real” and “play” is non-existent.

How can I discuss or introduce reincarnation to my children?
Life provides many opportunities to have that discussion with your child—the change of seasons, the dying of plants in the garden, the dying of a family pet or a beloved grandparent. Remember that your energy and your beliefs will be absorbed by the child. So, if you offer a relaxed, comfortable, positive attitude when death and loss are discussed, the child will take on your views and reaffirm for themselves the safety they already trust and experiences in the world.

Do you believe that children “choose” their parents?
Yes, your child chose you to be their parent just as you chose your child.

If a mother miscarries or has a young child that passes, what is the likelihood that same child will reincarnate into the same family? The traumatic events of miscarriages and abortions happen as a mutual agreement between the soul of the mother and of the child. They are possible simply because as human beings we are not always in tune and the possibility of wrong timing exists in our Earthly experiences. The early termination of a pregnancy can create much grief and opportunity for spiritual growth for a mother that the soul of the child, knowing that benefits that experience would offer to the mom, is glad to be of service. The opposite is true as well. Sometimes, a spirit needs a very quick introduction to having a human body and that agreement is made with the mother. The soul of the baby is not harmed through any of these experiences. Often, the soul returns to the family to be born to them at a later moment.

Can your children be your soul mates?
If you think of the term “soul mate” outside of a romantic context—absolutely! Children are your soul mates. You have shared many other lives together and are committed to each other’s growth and learning. You come together in this life to experience love and joy together and to teach each other about patience, compassion, forgiveness and so much more. It is the greatest blessing to be reunited with someone who knows you on a soul level so deeply and is so fully committed to help you expand your light and your ability to receive and offer love.


How can children from the same family, raised by the same parents, exposed to the same opportunities be so different?
This is something every parent recognizes once their second child arrives and the see the differences between their kids. The reason for that has to do with each child’s soul path. Different lifetimes, experiences and lessons in the present life all combine, resulting in each child having their own personalities. No child arrives as a blank slate.

Do you believe babies or children remember their pre-birth state?
One day, a father was driving with his little girl was in the back seat. Out of the blue, she said, “Daddy, I used to be an angel and God send me to you to watch over you.” Hearing this shook him to his core. He told me that he felt as if time had stopped. He knew she was not speaking metaphorically. Little children have not been fully trained in the ability to see only what the material world affirms as real. They are still very much aware of the world of Spirit and of the divinity of their soul.

How can one find out about the past lives of their child?
At a time when they are calmly sitting around with you, simply ask them who they were before they came to you. Ask them if they had any other mommies or daddies. Ask them why they came to you and ask them what it was like when they were in your belly. Trust your intuition, imagination and ask. The answers may surprise and delight you.

To learn more about Mira Kelly and past life regression take a look at this excerpt from her new book: Beyond Past Lives.

Mira Kelley

Mira Kelley is a world-renowned expert on past life regression and the best-selling author of Beyond Past Lives. She facilitates workshops, retreats, individual consultations and speaks around the world, promoting the healing and enlightening benefits of regression. Learn more about Mira and how you can work with her at her website,

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