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7 Morning Rituals for Caregivers: Setting Intentions & Choosing You

Brittni Alahmar | March 22, 2021

Ritualization has been seeded into us since the beginning of our time. Whether through culture, religion, or the natural evolution of one’s self; it is a fundamental part of being human. Many abide by rituals while others create them organically and with intention. No matter what the provenance, rituals are sacrosanct in every way.

 As a reiki healer and Hypnobirthing practitioner, I am passionately connected to the art of ritual for the benefit of the collective. As birth workers, healers, or space holders, we understand that rituals are an integral vertebra of the overall “healing” skeleton. Rituals are divine, providing the arena to give thanks for all that is in you and around you. Yet, passionate as I am, I continuously forget to show up for myself in the same way I do with my clients. It is because of this altruistic character that many of us expel less energy onto ourselves. Hopefully not due to lacking self-love, but more so, the infinite need to give to others; I am here to remind you that you too are very divine, and worthy of your time.

After some very reflective conversations with myself, I asked: how do I create enough space for ritual energy in my life, so that I may be more centered and more fulfilled? I, like many of you, will never stop breathing life into this line of work. Yet, how often do we use that same effortless breath or ideology towards ourselves; practicing what is preached for our own being?

 As a healer, you were presumably called into this work by a force stronger than most. You may have seen a need to mend the tattered threads of our society’s proverbial quilt – to selflessly deal in the art of stitching together humanity and justice. If so, it is you that deserves a bit of ritual and a bit of soulful recreation.

 The trial and error of creatively giving back to myself have left me with a humble but sturdy self-love practice that I’d love to share with you. I hope that, if you too are feeling unbalanced as a healer, you will stop for a moment to read the following.

May this list be something you transform, adapting and drawing inspiration from whenever needed. May it spark the fire in you that warmly whispers “you are worthy of time and space”. Though not revolutionary, and certainly adopted from those much wiser…here are some favorite ways I’ve created a ritual for myself each morning.

1. Ceremonious Drinks

I find there is nothing like a warm drink filled with intention. Whether it’s a coffee shop latte or a homemade elixir, try taking 10 minutes out of your morning to sit with your drink, and slowly craft some hope into it. As someone who doesn’t consume coffee, I make a Cacao and Maca concoction with nut milk and cinnamon. While making this mix I think about how I want my day to play out. I give thanks to whatever serves me at that moment, and state “everything is always working out for me” 3 times over.

2. Morning Pages

Taken from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, after I finished her 12-week program I clung to the idea of morning pages for eternity. Though time-consuming, and emotionally upheaving, the morning pages are an avenue for a stream of consciousness. The pages provide the best friend you’ve always needed, by encouraging you to consult your inner self. This exercise has transformed my life, by bridging my heart and mind to my soul. Alternatively, any type of morning journaling significantly increases mood and mind.

3. Salt Showers

Truly, I have no time for a morning bath however, I replicate the idea with salt showers. With a mix of scented Epsom salts, Celtic sea salt, and a few essential oil drops I circle the perimeter of my shower basin in this mixture. Once in the shower, I let the scents take over me and imagine the sweet drops of water cleansing me of all my worries.

4. Breathing Exercise

Square breaths are my beloved way to reset the energy within me. With many variations of this practice in the ether, my go-to is a series of 4-second breaths. The series follows this pattern: breathe in for 4 breaths, hold for 4 breaths, exhale for 4 breaths, hold for 4 breaths. Ideally, the breaths replicate the drawing of a square, completing the shape over and over until you’re satisfied.

5. 3 x 3 method

Three affirmations, three times over. The number 3 holds immense magic so I make certain to use it often in my spiritual practices. As a quick way to reset a moment or start on the right track, I write three different affirmations down each morning. Whether aloud or to myself, I will say each affirmation three times over…pausing to take a square breath in between each set.

6. Somatic Gratitude 

Sit in an upright position with your feet on the ground. Breathe deeply with closed eyes, creating a sanctuary for yourself. After 3 to 5 breaths, open your eyes and start internally listing everything you see. One by one, give thanks to every object or being in front of you, to the side of you, and behind you. For example: once my eyes are open I may see a wooden chair. In my mind, I would state “wooden chair, thank you”. Complete this pattern until all of your immediate environment is covered in gratitude.

7. Hugs and Kisses

Plain and simple, touching yourself is an undervalued way to feel appreciated. Often I will embrace myself, slightly rocking from side to side for comfort. Other times, I will kiss my shoulders or hands and gently grab myself for a sense of security. This is a quick way to reground yourself and let your soul know that you are present.


No matter what morning rituals you choose, know that the act of choosing is the essence of it all. You, deciding to take a dedicated moment for yourself, are so magical and so deserved. May your next morning be filled with choice, resulting in a mystical moment for yourself.

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