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Designer & Mama-To-Be Misha Nonoo Launches Maternity Capsule With HATCH

Daphne Thompson | February 10, 2020

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo is about to add another title to her long list of accomplishments: mom. She is expecting her first child early this year, but before embarking on that new chapter, she teamed up with HATCH to create a capsule collection perfect for women on the go to feel chic, comfortable, and professional throughout their pregnancy and into motherhood.

When we asked Nonoo about the inspiration behind her capsule, she said “My own pregnancy, actually. I wanted to take things that were already staples in my wardrobe – so that being the Husband Shirt. And then I thought about how I would imagine that as a shirtdress and it was just thinking about different colors and something that you could wear pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy.” The pieces were designed with sustainability in mind, so that they can last as gorgeous staples in your wardrobe no matter what phase of life you’re in.

Misha Nonoo wears the Maternity Shirt Dress in white

Although Nonoo designed the capsule with her pregnancy in mind, her sense of style has adapted to work with her growing bump rather than be changed by it. She said “I’ve always been very streamlined in color and silhouette and I’ve actually kept that. So, the way that I’ve been carrying has been tummy-heavy, so I’ve just kind of worn something oversized and then worn like leggings or something like that and tried to keep the skinny parts out and cover up the bump.” To debut the collection at HATCH’s downtown Manhattan storefront, Nonoo styled herself in the Maternity Shirt Dress, a versatile piece perfect for work or a brunch date with friends.

With this capsule collection launched (a birth all its own, no doubt) and in the care of HATCH, Nonoo can finally kick back and prepare herself for her upcoming birth.

     Close up details. The collection can be worn at all stages of motherhood. 

“I think I’m just most excited to meet him. To actually see what he looks like because I’ve thought about it so much. Like, what are you going to look like? Who are you? And obviously I have so much interaction with him all the time. He’s constantly moving around, so, what are you going to be like? Are you going to be as mad on the outside as you are on the inside? … He’s very, very active. So I’m like is he going to be crazy? His father is pretty crazy.”

As she prepares to become a mother for the first time, Nonoo has put other families at the forefront of her thoughts. Every purchase from the Misha Nonoo x HATCH collection supports Baby2Baby, a nonprofit organization that provides basic necessities to babies and children living in poverty.

Learn more and purchase Misha Nonoo x HATCH HERE!

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