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Ask a Mama Glow Doula: What Makes You Feel Connected?

Daphne Thompson | September 21, 2021

Through the month of September, one of the themes we are centering within the Mama Glow community is “connection.” For many of us, the meaning of the word connection and the intention behind acting on it has shifted dramatically since the start of the pandemic. The inability to connect in ways we were used to before physical distance was necessary made it imperative for us to find new paths toward connection with community members, friends, and family alike. The results have been beautiful and empowering to witness.

Personally, I feel most connected to others through shared experience, especially when I’m getting to show someone I love a place/activity/food/thing that I love (or vice versa!). It can be as simple as sending them a song by my favorite artist or stopping into their favorite cafe for a cup of coffee. For me, nothing says “you matter to me” like taking stock in my favorites and making moments/memories that tie me to yours. 

We asked some of our incredible Mama Glow doulas and trainees the question,

What makes you feel connected to others?” Here’s what they had to say:

I feel connected to people when I am centered. Being centered allows me to listen better. Beyond words lies humanity, the thread that pulls us all together as one among each other and amongst nature.  We listen with our higher self (centered) to gain understanding, seeing individual truths (threads in the human tapestry) with respect and empathy.  I feel most centered being in nature. I am blessed to live near a canyon protected and preserved by the local Indigenous people. Anytime I can invite someone to walk with me and be present, with appreciation and gratitude is when I feel most connected to people. How beautiful it is to fold into the knowing of our radiance.”

– Nachelle Wilson, California

“When I’m in the grocery store and I see young mothers with children struggling over food choices. I was a very young single mother with the guidance of a strong grandmother, who’s now an ancestor. My grandmother’s spirit and values live on in me and I’m that grandmother figure that will strike up a conversation with the mother and kids, asking questions and offer advice on how to feed the kids healthy and tasty on a budget! It takes a village!”

– Tabatha Trammell, Georgia

Being in communion with a person. In a physical space, face to face (and now more comfortable with zoom to zoom). To feel the other person’s presence, to share a laugh or two, learn who they are and what our potential shared experiences have been in life. I love learning a new perspective because it helps to highlight if my perspective could shift or if I’m set in my mindset. By fully focusing on the present moment with the person, I get to feel their joy, understand their intrigue, interests, or concerns. Simple tasks like going on walks, sitting on the couch to spend quality time, watching movies, or going on outings to the zoo, aquarium, or amusement park! All of these moments allow me to feel connected to people.”

– Katherine G., New York

“When I’m able to cook a home-cooked meal for them and share my culture, and when they do the same for me.”

Chantal Alleyne, New York

The ability to be able to have open, honest, and vulnerable shared moments, based off of experiences each of you has had, and maneuvered through, differently. Our differences make us more alike than we think. Our journeys connect us in ways that are unimaginable, we just don’t know until we connect.”

Jonnelle B. Youngstown, Ohio

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