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Reclaiming Intimacy & Self-Love in the Era of Physical Distance

Daphne Thompson | May 9, 2020

For many of us, our understanding and practice of intimacy has been dramatically altered in this time of physical distancing. Many couples are sheltering in place separately, single people have had to take their dates digital, and for partners quarantining under the same roof as the rest of their family, private moments can be hard to come by. Even if you and your partner are lucky enough to have time alone in the same space, the stress caused by the pandemic and all the changes and uncertainties that have come with it can, understandably, make it hard to feel sexy and get in the mood for intimacy. And if you’re quarantining alone, the absence of physical touch and connection can feel all the more isolating.

Whether you’re spending this time alone or with others, it can be a game-changing opportunity to practice self-love and get more in tune with yourself, mind, body and spirit. It’s a great way to optimize orgasms and regulate your nervous system.  Self-love means something different to everyone, and there’s no wrong way to make time for (and with!) yourself, as long as you stay dedicate to making it a habitual practice. For us at Mama Glow, our acts of self-love and intimacy include soaking in a bath and massaging our skin with Prima‘s luxurious line of products and engaging in self-pleasure with the support of Foria Wellness’s intimacy suite and Dame‘s adult toys.

Kiana Reeves, Foria Wellness’s Chief Brand Educator, chimed in with her own thoughts about intimacy and self-love in the time of quarantine. Reeves reminds us that “Connection and contact are part of our basic human needs, and whether we are quarantined alone or with our loved ones, nurturing ourselves through connection and self-love during this time can be incredibly nourishing for our nervous systems and sense of wellbeing.”

She says that “The wonderful thing about our body is that self-touch registers similarly to touch from another person, which means the contact and intimacy you might be craving can also come from yourself. A self-pleasure practice can be a great tool for those feeling alone, or in need of the comfort of touch.”

Reeves believes that now is a great time to explore self-pleasure: “When it comes to masturbation, it is the most enjoyable and fulfilling when it is not routine. We all have our habits when it comes to sex, and this is a great opportunity to start exploring your edges and changing your routine. Being less goal-oriented, and more sensation focused can also be a great tool for expanding your capacity to experience pleasure in new ways. In other words don’t focus as much on the climax, focus on what is feeling good in your body and continue to follow that.”

No matter what your stress and anxiety is being triggered by, Reeves points out that “pleasure and orgasms can support your mood, sleep, stress, and even boost immunity – now is a really phenomenal time to explore your body in a new way, while enjoying the benefits of feeling more balanced and connected.”

Mama Glow has teamed up with Foria Wellness, Dame, and Prima to giveaway the ultimate self-love care package! For more information on how to enter to win, visit @glowmaven on Instagram.

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