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Bringing Home Baby: Mama Glow’s Picks to Support Your Transition Into Parenting

Daphne Thompson | November 28, 2021

Whether your baby was born right on time or surprised you by coming prematurely, it’s natural to worry that you’ll be underprepared once baby comes home and your journey into parenthood truly begins. The truth of the matter, however, is that you should put at least as much effort and emphasis into readying your space for your new infant’s arrival as you do into crafting a careful list of birth preferences, to avoid being caught off guard and to feel confident that you are “as ready as you’ll ever be.” That forward-planning is key to making the transition as easeful as possible (a necessity, especially as you heal postpartum) and includes doing your due diligence to find trustworthy brands and products that will reliably support you and your family.

Below are some of Mama Glow’s favorite baby products, designed by brands that prioritize safety, sustainability, efficiency, and joy through new parenthood:

Making space

Home is going to look and feel a bit different once you bring a newborn into it, and while that’s a great thing, we understand that it takes a bit of adjusting. As you shift your space to accommodate a baby nursery or nook and swap out some of those pre-parenting household items for some more baby-friendly goods and gadgets, these products are useful tools to have all set up and ready to go so that they’re waiting for your baby whenever they choose to arrive:

  • Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit ($69) – Bringing a new baby into your home may inspire you to investigate the cleaning products you use around your space more carefully. Branch Basics’ starter kit makes it easier than ever to swap out every toxic clearning supply in your closet with ones that are human-safe, plant and mineral based, fragrance free, biodegradable, and non-GMO. One bottle of Branch Basics cleaning concentrate is enough to fill multiple (reusable) bottles of solution for all of your housheold (and hand!) washing needs – bathroom, kitchen, surface, windows, laundry, and more!
  • Nestig The Wave Crib ($599) – Nestig cribs, crafted from sustainably harvested materials, are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing, for any nursery design. The crib converts from a mini-crib for your newborn to a full crib to a toddler bed – the perfect “nest” for your baby as they grow over time. We love the lockable wheels, making the mobile without compromising its structural soundness.
  • Elvie Stride Breast Pump – If you plan on breastfeeding, body feeding, or pumping to nourish your new baby, it’s a good idea to have a quality breast pump before you give birth, to help support your milk flow under the careful guidance of a lactation consultant. Elvie’s pumps have always been among our favorites, and they recently launched their Stride pump, which can be covered by many insurance providers at little to no cost for you. The Stride is ultra-quiet, handsfree with no restrictive wires, and connects to the Pump with Elvie app to track your pumping history and progress.
  • Owlet Cam Smart HD Video Baby Monitor ($149) – Despite the temptation to watch your newborn at all hours of the day, it’s important to use the time when they’re sleeping to take care of your own needs. Owlet’s baby monitor connects video and audio to your phone (and even continues to play the audio in the background while you use your phone for other purposes), so you can do what has to be done without ever missing a moment.

Going home

Traveling with your newborn, whether it’s across the country to meet family or around the corner for a pediatric appointment, can feel like a daunting task. Your baby’s security is top priority, but it’s important to also make sure that you are choosing products that don’t put strain on your body when you’re on the go. These products will help you get transportation with an infant down to a (stylish) science, from the very first moment you bring baby home:

  • Ergo Baby Embrace Cozy Newborn Carrier ($79) – Ergo Baby’s complete line of carriers are there to support your growing baby from 0-4 years, but we especially love their Embrace Cozy Newborn Carrier. Designed for to promote closeness between baby and parent, it enables you to maintain connection with one another as you adjust to life outside of the womb.
  • Maxi Cosi Coral XP Infant Car Seat ($399.99) – When it comes to choosing a car seat for your little one, mobility without compromising on safety is non-negotiable. The Coral XP’s 3-part modular nesting system is made up of a car seat base, car seat outer shell, and keep-close inner carrier to ensure a seamless transition from the car to wherever you’re off to next. Plus, it’s been designed with your comfort in mind, so that you can securely carry your baby without the carrier weighing you down or getting in your way.
  • UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller ($999.99) – While this stroller might come with a high pricetag, it’s a worthy investment for a reliable product that will (quite literally) grow with your family. The Vista V2, which comes in 10 color options, features a bassinet with UPF 50+ sunshade that can be removed from the stroller base and used as a sleeping bassinet during travel. When you baby gets bigger or your family expands, the bassinet can be replaced by the toddler seat/frame that can face out or towards you as you push the stroller; RumbleSeat and PiggyBack accessories can be added to the frame to safely travel with up to 3 kids at a time.
  • Kibou Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag ($89) – Kibou’s fanny pack-style diaper bag has long been a Mama Glow favorite. The bag, made with vegan leather in a variety of chic color choices, was designed to fit everything you need on-the-go with your child, and nothing you don’t. It comes with a waterproof zippered compartment for wipes, a key or pacifier hook, a detachable changing pad, and so much more.

Settling in

It’s important to affirm to yourself that you know how to take care of this baby – a lot of it stems from intuitive, learned behaviors after years of taking care of yourself, and some of it you will learn as you go along. As you navigate this new phase in your life, together, take comfort in having the following products on-hand to help guide the way:

  • Hello Bello Diaper Bundle ($65.99/month) – By purchasing bundles of Hello Bello products, you are able to get exactly what your baby needs each month, and save money while doing so. Their newest offering is the Hello Bello Diaper Bundle, which comes with a month’s supply of diapers in a full range of sizes and fun patterns, wipes, and a free product with your first bundle box. If you want to add any non-diaper essentials from their line to your bundle before it ships, Hello Bello offers those additional products at a 15% discount.
  • Frida Baby Basics Kit ($39.99) – While every product from Frida’s Mom and Baby lines could be on your “must-have” list for postpartum parenting, their Baby Basics Kit packs the essentials for your sensitive baby’s hygene needs. The kit includes the NoseFrida SnotSucker, Windi+ GassPasser tubes, the NailFrida SnipperClipper set, the DermaFrida SkinSoother, and a zippered pouch case to keep it all in one place.
  • Bobbie Organic Infant Formula ($56 for 2 cans) – Supplementing or shifting to formula feeding can be a really stressful (and potentially shameful) decision for some parents, especially those who had their hearts set on body feeding their baby exclusively. To ensure that you feel good about what you’re feeding your infant, no matter how you need to feed them, consider doing your research on mom-founded formula company Bobbie as a “back up plan” you can trust. Their formula is a European-style recipe that meets US FDA standards and contains no corn syrup, filler, palm oil, maltodextrin, gluten, persistent pesticides, or antibiotics.
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