father and his baby at market with maxi-cosi car seat
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5 Things Mama Glow Loves About the Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Car Seat

Daphne Thompson | September 10, 2020

When it comes to infant car seats innovation seems to be limited. They are clunky, hard to install, heavy and generally take more than one person to properly install. Studies show that between 72-84% of people are improperly restraining their infants. And when it’s time to remove them from the car, you have a really heavy seat to balance along with a diaper bag among other things. Thankfully, the designers at Maxi-Cosi have taken all of our concerns into consideration and designed a game-changing car seat that will help make life as a new parent so much easier.

Here’s what we love most about Maxi-Cosi’s new Coral XP car seat: 

The Versatility as a Car Seat & Baby Carrier

The versatility of the Coral XP makes it immediately clear that it was designed by parents, for parents. Its unique 3-part nesting system allows the Coral XP to function as not only a car seat, but as an on-the-go baby carrier. When the inner and outer carrier shells are nested together the Coral XP can be used safely in taxis, Ubers, aircraft travel, and is even compatible with a variety of stroller bases. The inner carrier, which can be removed from the outer carrier shell, makes it easy to keep baby close while you’re on-the-go, and is designed for cross-body or handle carry.

We love that the Coral XP means not having to transition your little one from one carrier to another, not only because it reduces stress for the parents, but because it encourages closeness between parent and baby, even in those moments of transport. Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas says, “As care providers we are always stressing the importance of skin-to-skin contact and eye contact as critical for neurological development and bonding. When the baby is positioned in the cross-body carry position with the flex-strap, they can gaze into the eyes of their mother or caregiver at a distance they would be in a baby sling, so this is a great way to promote baby wearing and bonding in short intervals, i.e. you’re running into pick up dry cleaning and don’t want to take the baby out of the seat and into the stroller or other carrying device, you can simply utilize the cross-body flex-strap and be on your way.”

mother and baby in maxi-cosi car seat
The crossbody hold allows for easy baby wearing.

The Inner Carrier’s Lightweight Feel

At about 5 pounds in weight, the Coral XP’s “keep close inner carrier” is much more mobile and manageable than its bulky, weighty counterparts. The cross-body strap, which makes the carrier wearable, distributes the weight of the carrier and baby more evenly across the body, making its presence unobtrusive while you go about your errands or travel from place to place together.

Reflecting on her time as a New York city mom when her son Fulano was a baby, Thomas says, “As a parent who lives in the city, I think about all of the city dwellers who have to carry heavy carseats and strollers up the subway steps and how precarious that is. It would have been so much easier for me to carry a carseat by grip handles like a duffel bag, rather than in the crook of my forearm. The Maxi-Cosi design is functional and mimics the natural mobility of the body.”

Furthermore, this product is designed for intergenerational consumers. It empowers parents, grandparents and older children to participate in helping out with the baby. Since the inner carrier is so lightweight, someone with less upper body strength, like a grandparent, may find it easy to maneuver. An older sibling can strap the carrier across their body and run a quick errand for their parents, getting involved with caring for their baby sibling.

The Size-Inclusivity of Its Cross Body Flex-Strap

Size inclusivity is so important, as parents and caretakers come in all shapes and sizes. No matter who’s transporting the baby in their Coral XP, the inner carrier’s cross-body flex-strap can be adjusted to fit their size and shape for a comfortable carry. Once attached it does not have to be removed even when taking the car seat in and out of the car. So you never have to worry about constantly adjusting the strap for each use.

Maxi-Cosi’s Commitment to Using Sustainable Fabrics

Since the Coral XP was designed for your baby to be able to taken everywhere in it, we love Maxi-Cosi’s commitment to fabrics and materials that are comfortable, breathable, flame-retardant chemical-free, machine washable and dryer safe, and environmentally sustainable.

mother and child getting into car with car seat
The Coral XP hand grips make it easy to place and remove baby from the car

The Design Exceeds Government Safety Standards

Choosing a car seat and carrier is a big decision, as you’re trusting that product to help you keep your precious baby safe. Over the past 35 years, Maxi-Cosi has proven themselves to be a trustworthy brand that puts safety first. They assured consumers that the Coral XP, like all their products, meets and exceeds all government safety standards: “Because if it didn’t, it wouldn’t have the Maxi-Cosi name on it.”

Maxi-Cosi has really considered the challenges new parents face in creating a design that is sensitive to and supportive of the physical and mental obstacles new parents might be facing with a design that prioritizes both baby and parent’s wellbeing. This light weight carrier takes the toll off the body, which is in recovery in the postpartum period, and the easy installation certainly takes the stress off of new parents who can trust that they’re “doing it right” each time they restrain their baby in the Coral XP.

While you may not find yourself traveling as much these days, with restrictions still in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, Thomas looks ahead to the future, and what it could look like for you and your family with the support of Coral XP: “Think about travel, when things open back up and how easy it will be to travel with a carrier with this level of flexibility… I love that both the inner and the outer carrier are designed with the ability to rock when on a steady surface. So you can gently rock the carrier and the baby will rest comfortably if you’re at lunch with friends or at a picnic with family.”


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