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4 Sexual Self-Care Companies Couples Should Explore This Valentine’s Day

| January 30, 2022

It’s the new year and it’s cuffing season. Right about now we are all feeling the urge to stay inside and cuddle, and given we are in our second year of the pandemic, it’s time to spice things up and call in back-up for the bedroom. The month of love is a time where we can intentionally take steps toward improving our sexual lives. And if you are looking to gift a special someone, look no further. We’ve rounded up our favorite picks from some very hot brands.


Prioritize your sexual health this year with MysteryVibe’s fan favorites, Crescendo ($149.00) and Tenuto ($199.00)! With its 6 independent motors and over 40 vibration patterns, Crescendo was designed for people with vulvas and has a personalized setting for everyone that’s ready for a good time. Tenuto, which was designed specifically for people with penises, conforms to all shapes and sizes to ensure maximum pleasure for each user. Both of these beautifully crafted, award-winning vibrators can be used for solo or partner play, making them a great addition to your sensual self-care practice. Add in MysteryVibe’s Playcards for ideas on new positions to try in the bedroom (or anywhere else!).


For those looking to stay in climax control control and level up their bedroom game in 2022, look no further than MYHIXEL. The brand has developed scientifically backed solutions for sexual wellbeing and is the first methodology to combine cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a pleasure device, and gamification to help men and all people with penises achieve greater climax control. MYHIXEL MED ($299.00)and MYHIXEL TR  ($229.00) solutions are based on scientific and technological research, and work by combining the MYHIXEL Play app and the MYHIXEL I pleasure device. This is supported by a platform with consultations performed by sexual health professionals who are available to answer any of your questions. CEO and Founder, Patricia Lopez was Head of Marketing at Fleshlight, so she knows a thing or two about pleasure! So prioritize some time in the sheets, while simultaneously working expand your endurance in between the sheets — pleasure & therapy in one!


With the new year comes the opportunity for new start and a chance to consciously improve sexual health. Coconu was founded by a couple committed to the health of their relationship and family. An active lifestyle, green living, and organic foods are integral to their approach. Coconu’s Oil-Based Lube ($24.99) and Oil-Based Singles ($29.99) are the perfect essentials to keep yourself active in 2022! This is a great option for those in the postpartum or peri menopause phases of life. The natural health and beauty brand founders created this oil-based formula to produce stimulating, deeply satisfying sexual experiences for you and your partner. It will awaken your senses while the organic ingredients provide real, natural health benefits. Also check out Coconu’s Water-Based Lube ($24.99) and Water-Based Singles ($29.99) — the strong, long-lasting lubricant designed with a silky, sensuous feel!


This new year means a new you so in 2022, take control of your sexual self by integrating Awaken  — Foria’s best-selling, all-natural and tasty Arousal Oil ($48.00) with CBD. This topical oil works in tandem with your body to ease discomfort, reduce tension, heighten sensitivity, and enhance pleasure, all through a delightful blend of broad-spectrum CBD hemp and organic botanicals & essential oils including: coconut, cinnamon, peppermint, kava and ginger). Together they form a potent pleasure product that works topically and aromatically to heighten sensation and increase arousal and support better and more pleasurable intercourse. It’s also amazing for self-pleasure sessions. Start off the new year right and support your sexual wellness with this must-have potion that will soon become a bedroom staple you can’t live without!

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