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Uma Oils: 100% Pure Ayurvedic Botanical Bliss

| May 19, 2015

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Life can be busy, we are constantly on the go, thwarted with stress and it’s affects on our mind and body. We all need a reset- a moment to just take ourselves outside of the intensity and find solace. You may not be able to escape your desk, your laundry, rush hour, diaper duty, or deadlines, but you can transform the moment into bliss using powerful scent though the ancient art of aromatherapy.

We are obsessed with Pure Bliss Wellness Oil by Uma Oils. This is a product that really helps take glow time to the next level. It’s calming and deeply hydrating with bioactive botanicals like clary sage and rose oil, which help improve mood and restore the nervous system. The sandalwood reminds me of ancient rituals and I feel anointed after each face wash. It’s vegan and chemical free, no preservatives, just the good stuff.

Use it to breathe deeply and relax and watch the stress dissipate. It’s a wellness oil that’s designed for use throughout the day. Formulated to work in perfect harmony with one another, each botanical element restores balance to the mind and the body as they undergo their natural cyclical shifts. It’s a great blend to use for your yoga and meditation practice and something I would add to my birth kit for use in early labor to induce a sense of calm.

We are can’t get enough of pure oil blends for drenching our faces with pure moisture. When people think of oils, they think greasy, sheen, pore blocking, protective but not necessarily penetrative in a nutritive way. Rethink your oils. Consider using a higher quality oil and less of it. Remember: A little bit goes a long way.

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Our glow pick for the face is the Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil. This ultra-rich overnight formula promotes rapid cellular turnover and quickly repairs damaged and aging skin. Potent frankincense essential oil acts as a natural astringent, and advances cellular regeneration to fade scars and discoloration. Lemon essential oil complements the skin’s natural moisture production process, for soft and intensely moisturized skin in the morning. Meanwhile, soothing chamomile essential oil is packed with azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, for diminished scars and redness. You apply it and it goes right to work! I noticed a brighter finish to my complexion and even smoother skin upon waking up each morning after use.

Uma Oils are cultivated, extracted, formulated, and bottled from start to finish entirely at a lush family estate in India. The oils are handcrafted in small batches, which ensure safety, purity, efficacy and quality. Uma oils harvest the deepest rooted Ayurveda and Aromatherapy secrets to deliver lifelong, lasting beauty. Not to mention, they have the most gorgeous packaging! 

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