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The Importance of a Vision Doula in Birthing Your Dream Business

| January 1, 2019

Motherhood is an emotionally and spiritually charged time in a woman’s life. It’s a right of passage that requires support and community for women to thrive in the process. You enter the cycle as one version of yourself and emerge as someone new, with something you didn’t have when you began, sure there is a baby in the end, but there is also something more.

As an entrepreneur in the birth space I have served hundreds of women as they prepare for new motherhood. My company Mama Glow is a maternity lifestyle brand best known for our popular doula service, a service sought after by celebrities, women in fashion, entertainment, business as well as women of low income. Birth is one of the great equalizers and we seek to provide adequate support to serve everyone. A doula is a birth worker who provides education, emotional and psychological support, and advocates for an expectant mother and family along the birth continuum. A birth doula helps mentally and emotionally prepare a mother for birth. She attends the birth and offers postpartum support. As a doula I essentially support women at the threshold of change in their lives. I witness them in their strength and support them in their vulnerability as they chart this unfamiliar path.

Much of what I witness in birth parallels with business and a lot of what I do to support women is anchored in hand-holding, empowerment, and self-care. Nearly 60 percent of the women we serve make a pivot towards entrepreneurship during pregnancy or in new motherhood. In many cases my work starts out in support of their prenatal needs, exploring their desires and preferences for labor and quickly moves into incorporating the support for the dreams they are cultivating. There is a lot of energy required to nurture a new business venture, time invested, patience, faith and an ideal environment for growth. I help moms center their ideas, prioritize their passions and provide them with exercises and coaching support that helps them expand the vision and bring to life something that was once a mere thought.

Like you would hire a doula to support you during the birth and postpartum journey, I am inviting you to consider the concept of enlisting what I call a Vision Doula to hold space for your nascent ideas and business ventures. A vision doula is a person who serves as a listening ear, a presence of support, one who holds you accountable, cheerleads for you, and also provides the tender emotional support that is often over looked when starting a business. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. A vision doula is someone who enrolls in the idea or concept early on and stands along side you, holding your hand as you chart untraveled territory. They are there for the high moments and serve as a sound-board for when you have low moments. As birth is unpredictable, business can also be wildly unpredictable and having someone who can help you navigate the choppy waters is not only helpful, but in many cases can be critical for new businesses.

This is quite different from an advisory board, or mentor, but not dissimilar to hiring a coach. Whether you are launching a solo venture, a new business, a new area of business in your existing company, you can create your own team of Vision Doulas, a support system for where you are right now. In the birth tradition, the doula is a woman whose role is to “mother the mother.” She is to serve as a grounding emotional and spiritual support for the woman who is transitioning, crossing a threshold into motherhood. Your vision doula holds the same role—to nurture you as you nurture your budding or booming business,  to be an emotional and spiritual support for you while you hold space for something greater that is coming through you.

If you feel called to work with the support of a vision doula, we are here for support!

Hire your VISION DOULA today! 

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