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How to Shift Your Mindset To Create Happiness, Success, and Love

| September 1, 2014
Post by: Rha Goddess, founder of Move The Crowd
Post by: Rha Goddess, founder of Move The Crowd

Some beliefs are apparent and integral to who we are — they genuinely strengthen and support and affirm how we show up in the world. Other beliefs hinder and limit us. We are not conscious of them but they are at work (and believe me, they never take a day off!). These hidden beliefs are always “on” in the background, creating the context of our lives. The biggest way that you can tell a limiting belief is operating is through patterns. Are you experiencing breakdown situations, dramas that keep repeating themselves?

Glow Tip: Notice where and when your patterns emerge. Repetition is the first way you can smoke out a limiting belief. Bring awareness to any perpetual states of being because those are surefire signs that there’s a limiting belief operating.

The good news is that when you pay attention to what you believe and focus on what you want versus what you want to avoid, you become a conscious creator in the reality you want to experience.


Move The Crowd’s 6-Steps to shifting mindset and creating happiness, success and love. 

Awareness. Become aware of what you say to yourself. Acknowledge it even though it may be painful to hear how hard you’ve been on yourself.

Own it. “I really am saying this to myself and I say it all day long.” It’s the repetition that pushes it to the unconscious.

Forgive yourself for being caught in the negative self-talk pattern. We didn’t know, we didn’t see the fear, anger, anxiety, pain, that we were causing ourselves.

Create the new belief. Ask yourself: if I could have my way (and you can!) what would I like to believe about myself? For example, the original belief is “I’m stupid” or “I should’ve seen that coming.” Your new belief could be “I’m capable,” “I’m able,”  or “I’m learning” or “I’m growing.”

Begin to take action, consistently, with the new belief. When something else happens that you didn’t see coming then you get to notice as the old belief of “I’m stupid” comes up and instead pivot into “I’m learning.” And then look at what you might need to know next time to do things differently — which leads to more action being taken in support of the new belief!

Celebrate! We have to celebrate our progress in order to engrain the new belief. Under no circumstances should you skimp on step 6. Take yourself out, run a bath, treat yo’self. Your new visionary mindset depends on it.


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Rha Goddess is the entrepreneurial coach behind breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing how we all live, work and play. Combining her hard-earned business savvy with her long-standing passion for social change, Rha founded Move The Crowd, an entrepreneurial training company dedicated to helping the next generation Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good.

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