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Pregnant at 40: A Fertility Expert’s Path to Conception

| March 21, 2015
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Post by: Aimee Raupp, M.S., LAc

Over my decade of clinical practice as a women’s health and fertility expert I have witnessed the multitude of stressors that surround women who are trying to conceive. Age seems to be the biggest stressor of them all. I don’t wholeheartedly subscribe to the “advanced maternal age” argument surrounding fertility, as I consistently see women in their late 30’s and early to mid 40’s conceive with ease. I see optimal fertility—even in your 40’s—as a manifestation of optimal health.

When I was ready to have a baby at age 40, I found that I had to do some work, emotionally and spiritually, to put my age aside. As much as I have faith in my body, my being 40 years old was looming somewhere in the back of my head. I was influenced by these widespread worries. When I was pregnant on the second month of my conception journey, my partner and I were not only thrilled, but in shock.

I got pregnant with ease largely due to my lifestyle. My daily habits have been the same for years, and they remained consistent during pre-conception and even now in my pregnancy. Making healthy choices is way of life that resulted in boosted fertility in my case.

My Top 5 Fertility Boosting Tips!

  • Eat Whole Foods: Eat a diet rich in organic, nutrient dense, non-GMO food stuffs. Leafy greens, beans, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables etc.
  • Get Sleep: Sleep seven to eight hours per night. It’s very important that you go to bed earlier than 11pm, rather than go to bed late and sleep 8 hours. Sleep is imperative for maintaining proper hormone levels and subsequently boost your fertility.
  • Practice Meditation: Studies have shown that meditation reverses the stress response in the body and can help promote a sense of calm and overall wellbeing. Find a comfortable place to sit for 20-30 minutes, but even 5 minutes makes a difference. Try the Mama Glow Wombifestation meditation.
  • Go non-toxic: Commercial bath and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that have been scientifically proven to disrupt hormonal function and lead to reproductive disorders. Avoid: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and polyethylene glycol (PEG) See Mama Glow & EWG’s Non-Toxic Pregnancy Guide for a full list.
  • Find Joy: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our philosophy supports that our emotions have a strong impact on our health. When it comes to experiencing joy, it not only has a positive impact on lifting spirits and improving health but this emotion in particular affects the health and hospitality of the uterus. I practice daily gratitude and I focus on the things in my life that bring me joy—right here, right now. Get a journal and write down what you are grateful for each day. Science supports the fact that happy people are healthier people.

When we act from a place of self-love we instinctively make choices that support our wellness. Love yourself and treat your body like the palace that it is. The one thing I never gave up on was my faith in my body. I always believed that my body is my temple and as long as I shower love upon it, it will return the favor.



Aimee Raupp is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is the author of ,Yes You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways To Improve Your Fertility Now & Into Your 40’s, endorsed by Deepak Chopra, outlining a specific fertility rejuvenation plan that focuses on the physical, nutritional and emotional aspects of health so that readers can enhance their fertility. Aimee has appeared on ABC Television’s “The View”, FOX Television’s “Good Day New York”, Martha Stewart Radio, and Yahoo! Shine, and in numerous national magazines. She has served as spokesperson for Culturelle, Whole Foods, Lululemon Athletica, and the American Leisure Spa Group. She is also a frequent women’s health columnist and an active blogger. Learn more about Amiee Raupp and her work.

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