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Meet the Founder of Planta, Clean Beauty’s WOC-Championing Subscription Box

Priscilla Greene is the Founder and CEO of Planta | July 27, 2020

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I was the mom with all the odds against me. Expecting my first child at the age of 18, my daughter was born with a serious medical condition. I was so young to be feeling like the world was crashing down around me.

These life changing events, I’d later learn, were what crafted me into the woman I am today. I learned from a very young age not to take things for granted, creating a pathway in this world towards an amazing future for my daughter. I started my wellness journey by attending an amazing Massage Therapy school in Scottsdale. Surrounding myself with like-minded people that were on a similar path was a life-changing decision. There was something so fulfilling about healing people with touch.

Fast forward to today – 15 years within the wellness industry, a move to Los Angeles, California, and our family now with 4 children (my oldest is on the brink of adulthood and youngest is only 3 years old) – I had to ensure and create a balance. I promised to retain myself and not lose my identity to motherhood, all while raising my children and instilling those same values into them.

In 2019 I began Planta, a new journey, a natural beauty & wellness subscription box (but in reality, it’s so much more). As a woman of color, I wanted to make Planta a place where other WOC have the opportunity to have their brands seen, valued, and respected, while giving them a platform for their voices to be heard. The motivation from this initiative comes from personal experiences I’ve had throughout my life and career. So many times brands and products from WOC have experienced exclusion, and faced a biased representation of what it means to be a “clean” brand. To create space for minorities in this area of the wellness industry is what we have championed from day one. Let’s bring everyone to the table – let them have a seat and a voice and a platform to be discovered.

The beautiful Planta subscription box.
The beautiful Planta subscription box.

Being in this field has given me the opportunity to be exposed to a lifestyle of healthy living. Not only with what I eat and put into my body, but also what I put on my body. With that said, however, finding natural & organic beauty products isn’t always the easiest obstacle. Understanding ingredients, what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between is a task all in itself.  Simply put, it’s difficult to find amazing natural & organic products from both large companies and emerging brands that truly practice the values of clean natural beauty. We research, test, use, and stand by all the products we include in our monthly subscription, and are proud to be known for bringing top products from around the world into our boxes, from large global brands to amazing emerging brands that truly deserve the spotlight, so that you get the best of the best sent to you every month.

I’m most proud of the way we’ve been received in the community of clean & natural beauty products. I think, as a small emerging business, there’s always that fear of “rejection,” but we’ve been fortunate enough to really break into the industry and create a voice for healthy skincare products by providing a consistent service that is cost effective and unique.

I created Planta for myself, but also for my children. I needed to let them see that, no matter what life throws at you, you can always work towards what you want. 

Priscilla Greene is the Founder and CEO of Planta, a natural beauty subscription & lifestyle company. A mother of four, with over 15 years in the wellness industry, balancing it all at the intersection of health and beauty.

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