Mama Glow Offerings

We deliver an array of offerings for women and families along the paths of fertility, pregnancy and new motherhood.

It is our belief that women supported along the childbearing continuum have an increased sense of confidence and satisfaction so we strive to provide a sense of safety, security and belonging to everyone we support. Whether you are searching for the perfect doula, a great prenatal yoga class, one-on-one personal guidance or spiritual support, we have you covered.

Full Spectrum Doula Support

We are the first to offer full spectrum doula service!

We know very intimately the importance of hand-holding along any life stage especially when charting new or sensitive territory. Our fertility doula offering is a great option for support along the journey to conception. Our pregnancy and birth doula offering allows you to relish in the support and benefit from education and advocacy and hands-on help from your birth doula. Our postpartum and new motherhood doula offering is like having your own nanny... but for yourself. Hiring a Mama Glow doula to support you at any stage is an act of self-care and we are here to support.

Yoga + Mindfulness Support

Embrace the energy of ease.

Mama Glow offers yoga and meditation classes in group and private settings. Private sessions are designed to meet the individual goals of practitioners. Hands on adjustments, intelligent sequencing of postures and personal attention are a top priority. Yoga helps to elongate your muscles, stretch and strengthen connective tissue, lubricate/protect your joints, and induce a relaxation response in the body. Meditation provides a foundation for a spiritual practice and a sense of calm.

Personal Development + LifeStyle Coaching

What are you cultivating from within?

In the Glow Guidance program we employ our holistic lifestyle approach to supproting you in managing your new life. This offering is for anyone ready to expand beyond who she is today, to give rise to the best version of herself. We have touched the lives of thousands of women who want to experience a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life. We offer this service in-person and virtually for pregnant and non-pregnant women to explore healing, personal growth, and living to their fullest potential.

Spirit, Self-Care + Ritual Guidance

Support and honor your soul.

The integration of ritual and sacred space serves as a pathway for spiritual growth. Radical selfcare is learning to mother yourself first and Mama Glow supports the development of ritual practices that provide a sense of renewal. We employ a spectrum of healing modalities whether in the safety of a private or group environment clients can deepen their spiritual exploration.

Trainings + Wellness Residency

Immerse yourself at Mama Glow.

Mama Glow offers globally recognized immersive trainings supporting practioners who are committed to transorming the lives of women. People travel from around the world to enroll in our highly popular doula training. Our Wellness Residency is a program that allows practitioners to offer their skills to the Mama Glow community. Skilled wellness practitioners are the wisdom keepers who gently guide us to optimal wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

Corporate Consulting

Build businesses centering women.

We believe that companies who support their talent, provide opportunities for enrichment and space and for the growth of families- actually thrive. Our consulting offering allows us to serve as a liaison to corporations and their working population, sparking critical thinking, engagement at the executive level, and program and systems implementation designed to serve women. We also work with brands in the mother and baby spaces.


It wasn't until I was pregnant that I became overly conscious of how much I only wanted to have positive things around me; people, food and energy! We women are powerful and almighty and Mama Glow helps show us just how empowered we can be all the way throughout this glorious time in our lives!

Alicia Keys | Grammy award winning recording Artist

Having Latham as an advocate, coach, masseuse and cheerleader in the delivery room was instrumental in helping me find the strength and confidence I needed to get through the labor & delivery of my daughter.

Deirdre Maloney | Co-founder, BPMW Agency & Capsule

Latham is an incredible doula. She helped to guide me on the most important journey of my life — welcoming my son into the world. She empowers you so that you are free to focus on welcoming your baby into the world. She is a god send.

Rebecca Minkoff | fashion designer, founder of Rebecca Minkoff