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Moonlit: Harnessing Powerful Lunar Energy

| July 17, 2015

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The Moon, La Luna, A Lua, Luan… as the nearest natural satellite to earth, appearing bigger than any star, the moon is a strong celestial force. The moon’s mystical energy is affects our modern lives. Each moon phase emanates a different type of energy, which can be harnessed and applied to your lifestyle by closely charting the lunar cycles.

The moon governs the waters and actually causes the tides. If there were no moon, we would have no tides. The tides arise due to the pull of the moon’s gravity. Because the human body, much like the earth, is made up of roughly 70 percent water we are also deeply affected by the moon. A women’s menstrual cycle which averages 28 days, is in sync with the moon’s approximate 29-day orbit around the earth. In ancient times women would have their menstural cycle at the same time. The idea that menstruation is or ought to be in harmony with wider cosmic rhythms is one of the most tenacious ideas central to the myths and rituals of traditional communities across the world. The essence of the moon is aligned with feminine.

There’s that universal feeling of being more alive and excitable, and aroused during a full moon. The moon is one of many elemental energies that both affect us and can be used to facilitate a more balanced life on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The different faces the moon presents throughout her cycle have a profound affect on ritual workings. A waxing moon denotes that it is increasing in size, therefore, it is associated with ceremonies relating to prosperity, abundance and attraction. A full moon in total luminosity, is a time for powerful and potent rituals.

During the waning moon, ritual practice mirrors the decreasing size of the moon and includes ceremonies related to releasing, cleansing, and the removal of negativity. The new moon or black moon, is considered a time of rest for some, whereas for others, it can also be a potent period for rituals.

Getting to know the cycles of the moon and aligning your life with these natural rhythms can increase a sense of wellbeing and productivity.

Get to Know the Lunar Phases

New Moon (Black Moon): The moon is not visible in this phase. It is the beginning of the cycle, representing birth. Start a new project, new relationships, generate ideas and set goals during this phase. Allow the creativity to flow and dream big.

Waxing Crescent Moon: After the new moon, a sliver of light becomes visible. This period is conducive to learning, memory and discovery. This is a good time to read books, acquire knowledge that will help your goals come to fruition.

First Quarter Moon (Half moon): Half of the moon is visibly illuminated. Its energy is increasing so this phase represents growth. It’s a time to attract wealth and positive relationships. It’s also a period of action, moving onward and upward and getting things done. This is the perfect time to act on the big dreams you’ve been cultivating since the new moon.

Waxing Gibbous: The light is still growing, and more than half the moon is illuminated. This is a time to focus on your positive achievements and keep your eyes on the prize. Review your initial game plan, order your steps and and pivot accordingly.

Full Moon: The moon is fully lit and at it’s most potent. This phase symbolizes transformation, purification, fertility and power. It’s a time of fulfillment. Be more open and aware of your surroundings and listen to your intuition.

Waning Gibbous Moon: The moon is still more than half illuminated. This is a time to give back to nature and the community. Share your knowledge, time and skills with others as well as help nurture your personal environment.

Third Quarter Moon (Last Quarter): The moon continues to reduce in size. Similar to the first quarter moon, it is commonly described as a half moon. This is a time for cleansing of habits, relationships and thoughts. It’s a time for winding-down and tying up loose ends. Be practical and sensible with your decisions.

Waning Crescent Moon: This is the last phase before the new moon arrives again. As the light dims, reflect on the events of the passing cycle. Use this for your personal glow time, focus inward and try to reconnect with yourself and nature. Rest, rejuvenation and renewal are essential as a way of transitioning into the upcoming new phase.

How do you embrace the phases of the moon?

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