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Max and Me: Potent Plant-Power Skin Care Botanicals for Mamas

| June 2, 2019

Expectant and new mothers are bombarded with information about skin care. There are a plethora of choices for safe organic skin-care products that support healthy glowing skin. One of the brands we really love that is putting real intention and plant power into their products is Max and Me. Crafted in Austria, the company was founded seven years ago by husband and wife team Max and Tanja Gruber. Max and Me is a high vibrational skincare line handcrafted in fresh micro batches in Vienna, Austria where the couple lives.

“Our treats infuse you with nourishment and high vibrational energy that ripples from every cell of your body to the baby that is inside you and in your arms – giving waves of resilience, love, and health.” Says Tanja who knows exactly what self-care products resonate for mothers since she is one herself.

Tanja was raised in the Austrian countryside, and Max on a farm, so it should come as no surprise that their products boast some of the most natural ingredients. The Max and Me collection— is a culmination of love and is holistic, organic, and highly vibrant line of skincare products, handcrafted in their garden studio.

Tanja Gruber – cofounder of Max and Me

For new mothers, Max and Me offers an entry point to path that leads to connection. Tanja states, “A journey that involves high vibes surrounding you and your baby with love and light, regulation and balance.”

During pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and well into new motherhood  – these months are full of constant fluctuation, transformation and often heightened levels of stress exacerbated by swift hormonal changes and lifestyle stressors. The aim of the collection is to help release anxiety and tension by guiding you into a grounded practice of self-care and serenity. Tanja, who trained at the renowned Austrian Academy of Kinesiology in Energetic Healing, Kinesiology, and Aromatherapy, is a self-proclaimed “plant whisperer”. Tanja believes that she was destined to fall into this line of work, and tells Mama Glow that even as a child, she spent her time in the woods, surrounded by wild flowers, meadows, rivers, and trees.

Tanja says, “When you’re pregnant, you often have a more refined perception of energies and you might want to create your own sacred and protected space. We recommend our botanical mist The Intuitive and our body oil blend Circle of Protection.” Expect to feel supported, soothed, and re-energized with the Max and Me collection, which seeks to promote improved circulation, soft skin, restful sleep, and confidence and trust in the ability to safely carry, deliver, and hold your baby.

Tanja recommends that those mothers looking to incorporating this line into their skin-care and healing routine start with The Intuitive mist. The Intuitive is helpful in guiding you through postnatal depression in part due to the exquisite biochemical profile of Palo Santo which can assist in alleviating depression and panic attacks. Simply mist generously around your head to create a space of stillness and harmony. Cleanse yourself with the Purity & Grace Cleanserthis daily facial oil can be used in the morning and evenings. The Mask & Wash should also be used 2-3 times a week to encourage luminosity, and a deep calm and intense hydration. And for those experiencing stress, the Sweet Serenity’s Mask & Wash works well with Sweet Serenity’s Rescue Balm, this balm is great to use on the baby’s bottom after diaper changes to keep skin protected against diaper rash. Tanja recommends those enjoying the grounding power of the Mask & Wash practice the following mantra to enhance the experience: “Let this moment be all yours. Take time and space to dedicate it your very own ritual: In the knowing how powerful intentions are, stir a beautiful word or a loving thought into the mixing of your mask with water.”

The creation and experience of this collection is hinged on you taking the time to indulge in a practice that centers yourself. Just washing your face daily, even with a newborn can create a moment of peace and calm in times of chaos and overwhelm. If you can devote a few minutes to yourself and allow the soothing plant power to promote restorative health and healing, it can help improve your sense of overall wellbeing.

Since the products are wild crafted and created with the highest quality organic plant ingredients, Max and Me products are extremely potent, which means a little bit goes a long way.

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