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Mama Glow Obsession: Nudo Olive Oil

| June 24, 2014
Our Nudo Olive Oil Shipment!
Our Nudo Olive Oil Shipment!

Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers launched Nudo in 2005 after buying and restoring an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Italy’s Le Marche region. They were new parents coming from successful careers as TV producers and they completely transformed their lives to follow a dream. Now we get to taste the results of their dreams come true.

Nudo Olive Grove
Nudo Olive Grove

We are thrilled to have received our first shipment of Olive Oil from our adoptive olive tree. It’s not just any cold pressed extra virgin olive oil- it’s Nudo. It’s exciting to open a box from Nudo because not only is the product high quality- the packaging and branding is impeccable. It takes Nudo & their artisan farmers about a year to cultivate the flavorful oil that we are enjoying this Summer!

Nudo Olive Oil
Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The groves are in two distinct regions- the first on the east coast of central Italy (Le marche and Abruzzo), the second in Sicily. Having a son who is part Sicilian, the tree adoption is a great way for us to explore his Italian roots through food and keep him excited about cooking.

Like any adoption, when you register you can see a picture of your tree, learn about the grove it comes from, and meet the farmer who tends it, as well as manage your olive oil shipments. The Nudo Adoption program is really about harvesting a farm-to-fork connection so they actually encourage and welcome adoptive families to visit their trees!

Nudo Olive Oil Chocolates make a perfect gift
Nudo Olive Oil Chocolates make a perfect gift

In the early spring the trees are pruned. Cutting away excess growth so that four main branches form a bowl shape, maximizes sunlight getting to all parts of the tree, ensuring the olives grow healthy and plump. Over the summer the buds flower and the olives start to develop. By fall the trees are dripping with green olives, which turn purple, then ultimately black. Did you know green olives are just young black ones? The olives are picked when they are most flavorful and high in antioxidants, in November. The best oil is pressed from the olives within 24 hours harvesting.

Nudo Olives
Nudo Olives

Olive Oil Tasting: 5 Steps for Savoring the Flavor

  • Take a small cup and pour in a tablespoon of oil
  • Cup it, cover it with one hand and swirl the oil around- this warms the oil and releases the flavor.
  • Dip your nose into the cup and take a deep inhale, take in the scent.
  • Take a sip, what’s there? (the olive oil tins come with tasting notes)
  • Swallow the oil and wait for the gentle sting in your throat, a sign of freshness- packed with antioxidants.

In addition to the Nudo Olive Grove they have launched a Darjeeling Tea garden adoption program. When you shop Nudo you’ll find all sorts of seasonal artisanal treats that you can gift.

Visit Nudo Adopt and sign up for your tree today. Follow Nudo on Twitter.

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Mama Glow Subscribers! Share your #GlowTips below on olive oil. How do you use olive oil? We’re looking for fun culinary uses, beauty, remedies, and the best recipes around. You could win the gift of Nudo Olive Oil.

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