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Mama Glow Obsession: Laurel Whole Plant Organics

| August 26, 2015
Laurel Whole Plant Organics is setting higher standards for result driven skin care lines, by offering luxurious 100% organic skin care solutions for all skin types. Founded by Laurel Shaffer, a master herbalist, all the products are free of water, alcohol and fillers and handmade in Sausalito, California.
With every single plant used in their formulas being certified organic or biodynamic, Laurel Whole Plant Organics is creating a product that will effectively produce long lasting results. That efficacy can be achieved by using only the highest quality whole organic plants available. The Laurel line takes the facial care experience to a whole new level by healing, nourishing, and transforming the spirit, skin, and senses.
They have six unique blends to address different skin conditions. Each Laurel WPO proprietary plant blend contains 10-20 whole plants that are obtained straight from organic farms. Each of Laurel’s products also has a different essential oil blend formulated for efficacy and luxury. We love this brand and have been obsessing  over the Body Oil and Facial Serum to protect skin during the summer months and will continue using Laurel WPO moving into the fall season. With their high safety standards aligned with our own, Laurel is definitely Mama Glow Approved.
We caught up with Laurel Shaffer of Laurel Whole Plant Organics and got her glow picks and glow time ritual.

Product picks for radiant skin in the summer months?  

My favorite products from our line for the summer months are our Sun Damage Repair Serum, Sun Body Oil, and Brighten Mask.  All three products are specific to repairing free radical damage caused by too much sun, as well as preventing that same damage from occurring.  All the three products are also high in our signature whole plant antioxidants, specifically Vitamin C in these formulas – essential to summer skin care!

What to use to transition into the fall season.  

Typically in early fall I am still continuing with my summer products for quite a while… since they are truly helping to repair damage done.  But once the cold weather starts to set in that is when I switch to addressing inflammation on a more consistent basis.  I do that with our Anti-Inflammatory Serum first and foremost, and also making sure I am regularly hydrating my skin with one of our Elixirs.  I really love our Normal/Mature Elixir for the fall and winter, which features our unique Iranian Rose.


Favorite glow time ritual.

I have so many self care rituals, and I love to mix it up!  But recently, I have been loving salt water baths, Pursoma is a lovely brand of healing baths.  They really work to stimulate the lymph, which helps with glowing skin!  A good cup of tea is also incredibly therapeutic for me; no matter how hectic the day it is something that always drastically improves my mood. Compressing and Masking are of course two other skin specific self care rituals that I could not live without!


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