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Mama Glow Obsession: Gemstone Organics

| July 6, 2015

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Gemstone Organics is a unique company based on their ingredients and their magic Gem ‘juice’ Essence. Gem Essences have been used historically as elixirs, and now Gemstone Organics has created a way to use those high-vibrational healing essences on your skin. Gemstone Essence works similar to a mineral spring, introducing you to mineral energies that you might be lacking while adding to a more fully balanced you, in body, mind and spirit. The ingredients are all 100% USDA Certified Organic, food grade edible, pH balanced, and alcohol-free.

They start off with ionized, reverse osmosis beauty water. This water has the perfect pH levels for your skin. It is left under the light of the full moon, or in the the presence of the new moon. Just as the moon governs the tides of the ocean, the moon also has an influence over our own ebb and flow, as our bodies are made up of over 60% water. Using moon water can help us stay connected to ourselves, as well as to the cosmos. After being charged under the moon, the water is ready to be infused with gemstones.

Founder Debra Haugen says her love of rocks goes back to childhood and digging around in the gravel pits for treasures. So when she began crafting her own skin care products, it only made sense to include her magical gem essences, created from the personal collection of stones she has gathered throughout the years. The crèmes are uniquely healing because they are handcrafted with gem essences and organic ingredients. You get the handcrafted magic twice: first through the alchemy with the healing gemstones into essences and then through the art of fusing the rejuvenating waters, organic oils, and other botanical ingredients with love. When you use these products you will feel their power, and your skin will glow!

Our Essential Summer Glow Pick:

The Gold Crème –The Gold Crème is handcrafted with Coconut & Hemp Oils and has every ingredient you need to moisturize, rejuvenate, and safeguard your skin. Both of these organic oils have amazing antioxidant properties that prevent burning and oxidative damage, which may lead to skin cancer. Use Organic Gold Creme and stay protected and glowing all summer!

To learn more & purchase, visit Gemstone Organic.

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